Medium. Males get up to 45-60 pounds and height at the shoulder of 21-23.5 inches, while females are smaller at 35-50 pounds and 20-22 inches tall.

Breed Characteristics

Huskies are in the working class group and very light on their feet. With a combination of thick white, grey, and brown fur, they are meant for the great outdoors and can get overheated easily in the summer, though it is not recommended to shave this furry breed. They have a very confident and smooth gait, and much like their sleigh dog ancestors, they can carry light loads over enormous distances.


Is that a husky or a fox? Sometimes you may see a mischievous expression on your Dog, as they are intelligent and problem-solving animals. They can be consummate escape artists, able to dig or climb over obstacles to roam to their heart’s content. They love being a part of a pack and usually get along with other kinds of dogs and humans.

Due to this, don’t expect much of a watchdog. Not all dogs are meant to be guards!

Grooming and Health Needs

As puppies and adults, husky fur is self-cleaning, meaning they may only need a handful of baths a year. However, brushing them out weekly, especially during the summer months, is pivotal in helping keep their coat and skin healthy. Because huskies have an undercoat, they shed large amounts twice a year. One should “rake out” the old coat with a metal or pin comb as needed. 
Though huskies are healthy, please pay special attention to their nails. If the nails aren’t cut properly, they can develop serious foot problems. As a puppy, they should be checked regularly for juvenile cataracts.


Like most breeds, huskies benefit from early socialization with other dogs and humans, along with obedience training. Huskies are very social creatures and need a lot of attention in regards to other dogs and people. 
Being left alone all day isn’t emotionally healthy for huskies, so having another dog or a person at home most of the day is ideal. Frequent stays at doggy daycare may also help.

Energy Level

Huskies have an extreme urge to run and run fast! Be sure to provide a fenced-in area for them to run free and get the excess energy out. Due to this, they should not be off-leash when not in a fenced area. 
They need exercise regularly and can adapt to city life quickly, as long as they have playgroups and off-leash areas to roam.

Life Span

Huskies can live for 12 – 14 years