Why Does My French Bulldog Throw Up

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Being a French bulldog is an absolute delight! They are charming and intelligent dogs with great humor and an aggressive streak. A French Bulldog will know these dogs are prone to bizarre digestive issues and illnesses. It means they can vomit, throw up and get sick more frequently than other dog breeds.

But, we Frenchie people are often used to vomiting and gagging and begin to see it as a daily routine. But what happens when it isn’t normal, when should it be a cause of anxiety, and what should the French Bulldog’s sick symptoms be looking for?

Why does my French Bulldog throw up?

One of the reasons French bulldogs spit up is because they are a Brachycephalic breed. Their snout, which is small and truncated, which makes them adorable and famous, can make it challenging to take in food and digest it correctly. These can lead to vomiting, gastric reflux, and regurgitation, which is often seen as the production of foamy saliva.

There’s nothing as traumatic as seeing your pet suffer from illness. If you’re always thinking about why your French Bulldog is throwing up, read on, and I’ll explain the causes behind it.

Why does my French Bulldog throw up foam?

A Brachycephalic is a broad and flat skull that appears as if it has been stretched from front to back, and in extreme cases, it may seem as if there is no nose.

Causes of white foam vomit

Stomach upset, indigestion

The French Bulldog could be throwing white foam because it upset their stomach. The most commonly cited reason is gastroenteritis, were suffering from an empty stomach and throw up an odorless foam.

They may suffer from an allergy to a food that causes them to vomit. Try different food items to eliminate the problem.

The bile produced may not just be white but can also be yellow. Sometimes, it’s smelly. The condition can also be referred to by the name bilious vomiting syndrome.

Cough of Kennel

Another reason French Bulldogs fess up white foam could be due to the kennel cough. Instead, this isn’t vomiting but the point at which your French Bulldog is coughing so hard they let white foam escape from their mouths.

As the name implies, kennel cough can occur after your French Bulldog has been exposed to other dogs, typically in kennels. It’s an infection of the upper airways that a vet can treat.


One of the more severe conditions I read about was bloat (gastric dilatation-volvulus). It is one of the most potent causes of French Bulldogs vomiting out slime and white foam. It requires an appointment with a vet.

It happens when the stomach is stretched out after expanding. The stomach could expand when it is filled with fluid, food, or gas, which places pressure on the organs of the internal system. If it is not treated promptly, it could stop blood flow to the heart of your French Bulldog and, as such, it could be fatal.

White foam can spit out when the food particles enter or exit the stomach of the French Bulldog. These are more frequent in senior dogs.

It is possible to reduce the chance of white foam and bloat vomit by making sure that your French Bulldog doesn’t overexercise after eating. Some vets suggest waiting for a minimum of 30 minutes following your meal, even if you take moderate walks.

Contact an animal vet right away if you even have the slightest hint of bloat.


Another serious health problem that can cause the French Bulldog’s stomach leaking white foam is pancreatitis. These are a condition that causes infection of the pancreas. This organ assists in the digestion of food.

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Your vet will be required to be able to identify this issue. However, other indicators to watch out for are your French Bulldog’s back hunching back, having apparent pain in their stomach, experiencing diarrhea, eating poorly or being irritable, and getting dehydrated from not drinking enough water.

Kidney diseases

A more severe risk associated with white foam vomit could be kidney disease. Other signs to watch out for could be increased urine output or the ability to poop around your home when your French Bulldog was previously house-trained.

Puking that is white can be an early sign of the illness. But, with timely intervention, French Bulldogs can go on to live a long life with a lower risk of developing any additional complications.


Parvovirus is contracted by contact with dogs from other breeds and, in particular, communication with the feces of dogs. This viral infection will be apparent within a week of contracting, characterized by vomiting of white foam and bloody diarrhea.

It’s a severe illness, but it is not as common as it is certain that the French Bulldog had had the proper vaccinations when he was a puppy. Parvovirus is only contracted through an unvaccinated French Bulldog, so it’s an unlikely cause for vomiting white foam, especially for responsible dog owners.


A different reason that is unlikely to cause white slimy foam could be the possibility of rabies. It’s very uncommon in nations like the UK and the United States, but it is still possible.

Dogs suffering from rabies be able to foam when they speak.

Why does my French Bulldog throw up yellow foam?  

Yellow foam sickness could be a part of some of the possible causes I’ve previously listed under the section on white foam. However, it may differ depending on whether it’s the case of yellow bile or liquid.

The French Bulldog that throws up an orange liquid and also bile might include:

  • Bilious vomiting (the most likely): in simple terms, a stomach upset.
  • Bowel issues: an irritation of your GI tract.
  • Pancreatic disorders: an inflammation of the pancreas.
  • The blockage in the digestive tract: your French Bulldog’s food isn’t getting into the stomach.
  • Stomach ulcers could also cause weight loss, fever, and discomfort.
  • Liver issues: your French Bulldog might not be in a position to digest food properly.

Why does my French Bulldog throw up brown liquid?

Vomit and brown bile typically look like the smell of dog puke. However, this could be the case is happening in certain instances. Puppy dogs, French Bulldogs included, like to eat dog poop due to various reasons, including:

  • Finding nutrients that aren’t being absorbed by their daily intake.
  • Purely due to the hunger that is as gross as it could sound.
  • Sometimes, attention will trigger a reaction.
  • Sometimes it is due to stress or boredom (for instance, getting stressed from firework displays )

Brown vomit doesn’t have to be pet poop. However, this could be blood that’s become darker inside the mucus, and the bile is released. It can be caused by:

  • Blocked intestinal.
  • Bleeding ulcers.
  • Something they consumed.
  • Gum disease could be a possibility of tumors, where the brown color indicates bleeding.

Why does my French Bulldog throw up clear liquid?

The transparent, foamy foam that isn’t containing any food that isn’t digested could be a sign of various medical conditions. If there’s nothing in this clear fluid, it isn’t a result of anything the French Bulldog has eaten.

Why does my French Bulldog throw up green liquid?

Green vomit and bile shouldn’t be taken as seriously as different sickly colors. Dogs, for instance, enjoy eating grass and weeds. Therefore, whatever they throw up is likely to be of organic green color. Sometimes, it can even be it appears to be lime-green.

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Here’s a rundown of what the green foam or liquid might be in the vomit of your French Bulldog.

  • The grass or plants: dogs consume grass to soothe their stomachs, cleanse their intestines, compensate for the lack of mineral content, or alleviate stress and boredom. When organic matter is finished, the chlorophyll contained in the grass will give the vomit a green color. If you notice plant-based matter present in the vomit of your French Bulldog is not an issue, but try to keep them off eating grass.
  • Green Bile: Green vomit may signify that bile has been thrown up. Bitterness in the color green could be leaking into the French Bulldog’s stomach. However, the color could also indicate that it is fresh. It could also suggest something stuck inside. So, consult your veterinarian. Bile is stored inside the gall bladder of your dog and is specifically designed to take in fats and break down other nutrients.

Why does my French Bulldog throw up pink or red foam?

A French Bulldog that throws up pink foam may be suffering from a stomach bug. Vomiting hard could cause a burst of the blood vessels inside the stomach of your French Bulldog that then dilutes the mucus and vomit, which produce a pink hue.

It could also be an ulcer in the stomach. But, if you notice any indications of pink sickness, it surely means that some urine is bloody. Therefore, you should have it checked by a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Minor abrasions or damage on the stomach wall could be treated using medications. Your French Bulldog should typically respond positively to treatment within just a couple of days.

Other reasons why your French Bulldog could be sick

In addition to the risky possibilities concerning French Bulldog puking I’ve already explained, there are other instances when the French Bulldog could be sick. Below, I’ve listed them with examples of how your French Bulldog might throw up puke and its reasons.

After exercising or walking

I’m sure we’ve all heard. Imagine that you had a massive meal and immediately ran for 10 miles. What would take place?

The same is true for French Bulldogs. If they eat a lot and then exercise or exert themselves, the food they eat can quickly be thrown up.

I’d recommend not to run the French Bulldog for at least 2 hours after having eaten. Some vets advise that exercise immediately after eating could result in gastric torsion, bloat, and the GDV (gastro dilation-volvulus), which could cause the French Bulldog to throw up.

After exercising after your workout, let the French Bulldog cool down for a minimum of 30 minutes before eating. These two steps can theoretically mean that your French Bulldog will no longer have to vomit after exercising or walking.

After drinking water

There are several various reasons that the French Bulldog could be vomiting after drinking water, for example:

  1. They may have drunk the water too quickly, which can trigger the gag reflex in the dog.
  2. It can look similar to water, but it is an amalgamation of saliva, gastric juices, and water.

In the second instance, this could be because the French Bulldog hasn’t eaten for an extended period, is suffering from an intestinal blockage, or perhaps a more severe ailment. Conditions that are listed further down this webpage.

Like any vomiting, to ensure assurance, call your vet if you do not believe it’s due to the French Bulldog drinking fast.

in the morning or late in the night

French Bulldogs who throw up early in the morning or late in the evening generally do it because of their diet. Suppose your dog has been for an extended period without eating. In that case, once they eat, it could irritate the stomach’s bile reflux.

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Morning sickness could also be simply a result of pregnancy. Here’s a list of more possible causes your dog’s French Bulldog might be sick early in the morning:

  • Colitis.
  • Inflammatory intestinal disease.
  • Pancreatitis.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Reflux gastritis.

Stress, extreme excitement, or anxiety

I’ve never seen anyone who has a French Bulldog who doesn’t get exuberant, especially during time for feeding. They have had the competitive nature of their pack since they were puppies and attempt to devour their food as fast as they can to avoid anyone else from getting a glimpse.

If dogs consume too much food, they will throw up. Like humans, they can throw up, which isn’t surprising.

But, French Bulldogs are also susceptible to illness when they become exuberant outside of mealtimes. These could be due to being anxious and stressed. The stomach muscles get tight, and their bodies respond by vomiting.

After overeating or eating too quickly

Back to fast food now, and there’s a valid reason your greedy French Bulldog will be sick and puking up

  • They don’t have the time to chew on more significant food portions.
  • They can swallow a lot of air that will be reabsorbed back into the body.

On car rides

Like humans, canines have the potential to suffer from car sickness. It’s not the only reason your French Bulldog pukes in your car; however, the cause could be anxiety about not liking travel.

Suppose you own a snarling French Bulldog in your car. In that case, you should introduce them to small vehicle trips first to help them understand that they don’t have anything to worry about.

When you should call the vet

There are many frightening reasons your French Bulldog will vomit in this article. However, I do not wish to cause panic. In most instances listed, the bile and slime are due to an upset stomach and possibly an incident that you or your French Bulldog ate.

I believe in letting the expert determine; therefore, when our dog vomits typically, we call the vet if there’s no evidence of undigested food particles in the dog.

Below are indicators that you must contact your vet following vomiting:

  • Your dog’s French Bulldog throws everywhere, and the vomiting can last for more than one day.
  • The French Bulldog is in apparent signs of fatigue or tiredness.
  • Your French Bulldog also has blood in their stool.
  • Your French Bulldog is projectile vomiting.
  • The French Bulldog is throwing everywhere.

Is it vomiting or regurgitation?

I’ve mentioned that they are, in fact, two different things. They also can have distinct reasons. Here’s a quick explainer:

  • Vomiting occurred when substances coated with bile rise out of the stomach. The French Bulldog will start to be irritable, hunch, rub his lips, and then drool. It’s likely to consist of digested food encased in yellow bile.
  • Regurgitation describes when your dog’s French Bulldog discharges food that is not digested and coated in saliva, mucus, and slime. It results from the pharynx or the esophagus; therefore, it won’t go to the stomach.


I hope I’ve provided you some insight into why the French Bulldog is vomiting or continues to throw up his food.

For most French Bulldogs, I don’t think that a few ills here and there indicate a significant health issue (unless it’s a regular); however, I’d recommend always being on the safe side and talking to your veterinarian.

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