Why Do Dogs Climb On Your Head

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You arrive home from an exhausting day at work and decide to relax before tackling supper preparation. Your delight is when your gorgeous puppy Fido is a little tiddler who wants to be with you. He climbs onto your lap, kisses your face, and offers gentle kisses. It’s a lovely scene. But then Fido performs something a little bizarre. The first time, he climbs on your shoulder, then moves towards the neck’s back, which forces you to move towards the front to avoid crushing the guy. It’s not the most relaxing posture, but you’ll have to deal with it. In the end, Fido is adorable, and you enjoy being with him. However, your neck may not have been comfy enough for Fido since Fido suddenly decides to perch upon your neck! We’ve all been there; you’ve seen it! What’s the reason your dog loves to climb onto your head? You’ve heard it’s a rigid surface. With your hair becoming smaller and thinner every day, you’re sure that it’s not comfortable! Although using your head for the couch may seem like an odd choice in your eyes, Fido is convinced that it’s an excellent idea.

The root of the behavior

What’s the attraction of lying on your back? This behavior appears to have no logic, and yet, if Fido enjoys it so much, there must be a rationale behind this. By studying dogs’ behavior and the background of wild dogs, we can discover a considerable amount about why our dog companions “tick.” We can be confident that dogs want to feel a bond with us, and this frequently involves touching.

Most of us know that our dogs don’t want to be close but prefer to be right next to our heads. What is the reason for this? There are many possible explanations for this bizarre but fascinating dog behavior. As we are the very center of our loved dog’s world, having them as close to us is likely a way to show their love towards us. Although this is a typical event in many households, it gets evident after a period of absence.

If you’ve been on a business trip or perhaps a vacation without a dog, You will notice that your dog draws you like a magnet which means the nearer they become, the better! Dogs are also very territorial. They often mark their property by “marking” their base by urinating to alert the animals around them that your property is theirs. Others bark in an almost aggressive manner to warn away animals and people who, according to him, are invading what belongs to him. However, our dogs don’t only desire to mark the space they call home as their own and wish to give us an impression that we are part of them.

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The most efficient way our dogs can do this is to leave their scents upon us by the glands on their feet or gently rub their faces against us. You are the most significant pet in the world, and he would not want a random dog on the street to think that he’s about to arrive at your home and claim the claim to his own. Your dog is determined to make sure that there is no doubt about you in the mind of any dog that you are the only one he has. The best method to communicate his message is by making sure that you smell precise as he does!

Another possible theory could be that the dog may be seeking a method to keep warm. This is in line with the fact that he has chosen your head as the best place to land. The head is the part of the body that releases the most heat. As time passes, this can make your body cold, and Fido is the happy beneficiary of the blast of warm air expelled from the skull. Dogs instinctively know that it is best to be snuggled up with warm bodies to save body heat.

This is evident in puppies from the day they’re born. They can’t see, they can’t hear, and they do not have any means of communication in any way, yet the fact is that they’re born with an instinct to be drawn to an area of warmth. The ideal source of heat is their littermates and mother. Without access to these, the head of their zeal, they’ll be dead. Since dogs are armed with strong survival instincts, the desire to keep warm is compelling. The dog you love dearly, but he’s also intelligent enough to realize that snuggling next to you is the most effective way to keep warm. This is a win-win situation for Fido!

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Promoting the Behavior

Although canine dominance theories are debated today, some dog experts have suggested that climbing on top of your head could be a plot to challenge your authority to create Fido as being the “alpha” within your household. Cesar Millan has said that dogs love to be placed on the top of their physical heights because they believe that the higher up they go and the more authority they hold.

This could be why Fido loves to turn your head to sit. However, it’s probably not the case. While it is possible to establish an order of things in an animal-friendly home, dogs generally know that the one who controls the resources is the one who plays the game. You control every aspect of your puppy’s world. He is aware of that and will be submissive to you; however, he also is a lover and appreciates the relationship you share with him.

Another possibility is that this might be a desire to attract attention. For all we know, Fido hasn’t seen you throughout the day, and he was missing you! You can quickly look away from a dog’s paws as it paws at your arm or leg. It is easy to pat an animal that is sitting on your lap. However, you can’t ignore the perched dog sitting on your head! If attention-grabbing is what Fido is looking for and you want to get it, there’s no better way to achieve it than to make your head your perch.

The dogs generally react to what we do to reinforce. Suppose you do not like your dog lying on your back. In that case, it is possible to remedy this issue simply by removing your dog from the area and praising him for changing his position. Suppose your dog’s primary goal is to make you feel more engaged with him. In that case, he’ll be able to accomplish his goal of getting up on your head at all, and that can be a gratifying experience for your dog.

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Other Solutions and Options

You can’t avoid a dog lying on your back; therefore, you must get rid of the dog. You can, however, be a positive influence on the behavior you would like to observe. Select a different location you want Fido to relax in. For many pet owners, it’s their lap. Suppose Fido decides to snuggle in the spot he prefers.

In that case, you can lavishly praise him and give him a particular food or some extra playtime. Or, you can play together with Fido differently to satisfy his desire for more moments with you. You can take him on a short walk around the neighborhood or play a lively ball game in your backyard. So the time Fido is around, He will be content.

In the end, don’t encourage behavior that you are trying to eliminate. However exhausted you might be, You don’t wish to allow a bad habit to go on for a long time if you’re trying to alter it. When you’re inconsistent in your training approach, you’ll confuse Fido and cause him to fail since he will not know what you are expecting from him. Be constant! Whatever cute the behavior may seem in the moment, allowing it even once could make your dog more likely to repeat it and lead your training efforts to slow before the door.


Do you like snuggling up with Fido, but you’re not entirely in love with the way he is sitting upon your neck? If so, you’re not all alone. Pet owners across the country struggle with this exact issue. Take the time to learn the reason behind this peculiar behavior. You can meet your dog’s needs and direct him to sleep in a more comfortable position for you.

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