How to Train Your Beagles to Swim

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How to Train Your Beagles to Swim

Can Beagles Swim?

It’s true. Beagles can swim. Some beagles can get used to swimming in a matter of minutes. However, some beagles aren’t fans of water, regardless of the circumstances. They’re not generally considered water-lovers; however, many can master swimming. The best way to teach a dog to swim is to start training it as if it’s just a puppy.

Do Beagles like water?

Like many dog breeds, Beagles aren’t happy with showers and rain. However, they like playing in the water at the beach and don’t dislike bathing occasionally!

Some dogs are afraid to go into the water at first, but when they watch another dog jump, they might attempt to emulate and begin to learn how to swim.

If a beagle discovers itself in water, its instinctual desire to swim is activated. Despite not being naturally water dogs, they are comfortable swimming in the pool to stay safe.

Why Beagles Are Good Swimmers

No matter if your beagle enjoys swimming in the water or not. They were bred to be outstanding swimmers. They possess several qualities that make them expert hunting dogs and very adept swimmers.

The breed is an active breed of dog.

With an experience with hunting, Beagles are designed to be active and active breeds. When Beagles were mainly utilized as scent hounds, they required stamina to endure long hunting excursions with their human.

Sometimes, the scent trail of an animal could be miles. It was, therefore, necessary for the animals to keep pace throughout the entire duration, or else they run the risk of being able to escape. Due to the stubborn characteristic of Beagles, they aren’t able to surrender.

I was amazed at how much energy was flowing from my beagle. It’s a bit exhilarating. Please take advantage of this opportunity for training, train, or train because it will pay dividends in the future.

– Cassie (Beagle Owner)

If we say Beagles are active dogs, we’re not creating this myth. As per the AKC, Beagles are among the top 15 active dog breeds of any size! They’re listed on the list alongside German Shepherds Corgis and Border Collies.

Most commonly known for their calm manner of speaking, Beagles are most active when working or playing. It’s worth noting that energy intensity diminishes after a certain period. Some owners say they lose their energy around 3-4 years old.

Beagles are affluent and are a fun-loving and adventurous breed.

Beagles aren’t shy dogs by any means. They can be pretty adventurous and bold characters. Due to their incredible eyes, Beagles are often described as curious dogs.

The inherent curiosity of the beagle makes them the perfect dog for trying out new activities like swimming. While other smaller breeds of dogs might shy away from the intimidating pool that is water, Beagles remain open to exploring new adventures.

How better satisfy your dog’s desire for adventure than by swimming in the nearby lake? If you have the proper training and the right equipment, the dogs will not have any issues learning to swim. At the very least, there won’t be any mental hurdles.

Beagles are excellent at learning from each other.

Dogs are excellent at absorbing information from each other. They are smart enough to mimic their behavior, including activities such as habits, tendencies, and habits.

Allelomimetic behavior is a term we use to describe it, which represents the dog’s instinctual desire to play in a group with dogs and follow their leads. These are why puppies love to play with other dogs. As early as they are, puppies can emulate their “seniors .”

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Although this behavior is shared across all dog breeds, it’s especially prevalent for Beagles. Because they were designed for hunting in packs, they’re typically packed dogs who appreciate the companionship of a canine.

These being said, Beagles are historically more inclined to learn from each other due to their pack dog-like mentality. Also, the benefit when swimming means you are with a dog who already can swim.

Not only can the experienced canine swimmer show off his confidence, but also prove to that your beagle that swimming is enjoyable! In the company of other dogs, your beagle will enjoy swimming within minutes.

Helping a Beagle learn to swimming

Certain Beagles will be natural swimmers, while others require more time. Some are awestruck by the water, while others will dislike it. Whatever your beagle is and what you are looking for, the best methods are to teach your dog to swim.

Life Jacket for Beagles

Before letting your Beagle swim, ensure you’ve got the proper equipment. Life jackets give your beagle more confidence, and they also provide the owner (the beagle’s owner) with security.

It’s not too costly and could be the key to helping your beagle overcome the mental hurdle. The AKC suggests that you wear a life jacket, especially for dogs not designed to be used in water, like Beagles.

The only product we would highly recommend is our Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket. These are the only ones that we’ve had experience with, as well as thousands of pet owners, be in agreement. We purchased this product for our Aussie and Corgi, and it’s significant to date.

The majority of Beagles can fit into the size of a medium. However, they can vary in dimensions. Make sure you examine the chart for sizing before you buy.

I like the Outward Hound life jacket most because of the style and construction. If you decide to purchase one, it’s evident that it’s constructed with high-end fabric designed with comfort in mind. Additionally, it has an emergency handle to make emergencies less frightening.

Beagles and Water: Introducing Beagles to water

The first introduction to water is essential for training your dog to swim. While many breeds of dogs are afraid and timid of water bodies, A Beagle’s curious nature makes them more willing to swim.

Solo loves to swim. He jumped right in when he first saw the water like the way he was meant to be living in it. Then we had to go him out and then get him into the middle of a lake to the north at least once.

– Lad85 (Beagle Owner)

Beagles such as Solo aren’t typical. In all likelihood, they’re not Poodles or any different water retrievers. It’s a given that you shouldn’t put your first beagle into the ocean and expect it to begin swimming.

You’ll need to introduce your dog to move more water gradually. For instance, you may like to start with a child’s tub or a water bath. It’s an excellent way to let your kids get their feet submerged.

After repeated encounters with small bodies of water, The second step will be to take the beagle to the location where they will be swimming. Let your beagle examine the water, something they are happy to do. If it’s a lake, walk them about the lake.

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It’s time to swim!

After several weeks of introducing your beagle to the water, the day has arrived, and it’s time to go swimming! If you’re heading to a lake, be sure that the weather is perfect and the water is calm.

First, demonstrate to the beagle how to access and exit the pool. For example, if you’re within a swimming pool, tell your dog the steps required to get into and out of the swimming pool.

Try to get to drink the water. Don’t push your beagle to go into the water. It’s best to convince you to enter according to your own rules. To help them get this done, I suggest taking plenty of yummy snacks and their favorite toys.

We tried for about 20 minutes to get our dog to swim into the water. All it took was the squeak of a Greenie. I’m sure he enjoys these treats more than I do at times.

– Alan L. (Beagle Owner)

Always be providing positive praise and encouragement during this time. According to External, the most effective way to do this is to praise in the water. If people know that you’re in good shape and confident, they’ll join.

If your dog isn’t able to swim that day, it’s likely not intended to be. Also, you do not want to push your beagle into the pool. Re-visit the time of introduction and attempt it again at a different time. Keep a steady hand on the procedure.

Swimming in Packs

If you’re struggling to get your dog in the water, you might consider bringing a dog familiar with and likes swimming. As we’ve said, Beagles can be pack animals. Therefore, they are better at acquiring knowledge by observing another dog.

The pack-friend could be your dog’s other at home or simply an affectionate dog from your neighborhood. But, you’ll need to ensure that your dog has a positive connection with the person you’re talking to at the pool. It’s preferable if your dog “trusts” your dog.

This doesn’t happen in any way. However, it’s an excellent option to help if you’re having difficulty getting your dog in the water by following the steps mentioned above.

“Swimmer’s Ears” in Beagles

After swimming, it is vital to cleanse the ears of your beagle. Like humans, dogs also get ear infections after accumulating water in their ears.

Beagles are more prone to water accumulation due to their long, floppy ears. The ears fold in over the ear canal of the beagle and do a fantastic job at retaining the moisture. These are why humidity isn’t ideal for Beagles.

Additionally, canines’ ears are formed in an L-shaped form, making it harder to release any remaining retained water.

Veterinarians joke around that if dogs with floppy ears could pin their ears on the high point of their skulls, it could avoid many ear infections.

– Annie Li, DVM (PHS)

As you’re probably imagining, the moist and humid atmosphere created due to the open ear and the L-shaped ears isn’t the best for your health. These make it easier for yeast and bacteria to flourish. These can lead to an infected ear (otitis external ).

Annie adds that the location where your dog swims does not matter. It doesn’t matter if you take your beagle on a trip to the beach or a chlorinated pool. The moisture creates the ear canals as the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria.

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It’s a good thing that it’s pretty easy to control. You can clean it off using cotton or gauze after. To clean, we suggest using an ear cleanser designed specifically for pets, like The VetWell Ear Cleaner.

Don’t apply q-tips to your dog’s ears. As previously mentioned, the structure of the dog’s ear is different from that of humans. Therefore, you could be at risk of rupturing the eardrum or membrane in the dogs.

The benefits of swimming (For Beagles)

There are a lot of benefits of taking the Beagle swim. The benefits are beneficial to both the dog and the owner.

Mental & Physical Stimulation

The main reason to allow your dog to swim is that it’s among the best ways to get your dog. Beagles require at least one hour of exercise per day. Since swimming is a high-energy sport, you might need less.

If the beagle does not get enough mental and physical stimulation and stimulation, it could be found on your sofa or footwear. They’ve got all this stored energy that has to get released regularly.

If they don’t get involved in exciting activities, a Beagle could be bored or restless. Be aware that they have a lot of interest, so you’ll need to stimulate their minds. How better to test your dog’s mind than to teach them how to swim?

Better for Joints

According to PetMD, one of the most significant benefits of swimming is its potential to lose weight. Due to gravity, walking in water is much easier to move joints than on the ground. Naturally, those dogs are also similar.

Swimming is an excellent support to your dog’s joints in the short term. However, it could also bring benefits that last in the long run.

When swim with your beagle is a great way to assist them in developing the muscles they require. These are simple exercises! While doing so, you’ll build endurance without causing further injury to joints.

Cooling Down

Beagles wear double coats to assist in controlling their body temperature following the time of the year. They can grow an edgier summer coat to combat the heat and a more substantial winter coat to keep warm.

However, in some cases, this may not suffice, specifically when you live in areas that have extreme temperatures during the summer months. It is essential to be aware that dogs cannot sweat on locations of their body that are covered with fur, which makes it difficult to cool down.

We’ve mentioned that exercise is essential to maintaining good well-being. Therefore, swimming is ideal for cooling off and getting the required daily practice. However, that doesn’t mean you need to keep your beagle in the house all day long with the cooling system.


Beagles are strong swimmers by nature; however, it doesn’t mean they aren’t fond of swimming in water. Certain breeds of beagles require practice to be accustomed to swimming and being near the water. If your pet is one of the breeds, it might need more time to get used to it instead of when you have a natural swimmer in your home. Be patient with them and give them time to adjust their progress! You can also teach by throwing small toys in the water so that they chase those toys and begin to enjoy swimming as well!

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