Top 15 Quiet Dog Breeds

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Dogs bark, They also whine. Many may even have a song (think Husky.) From all of the noises our pups make, barking could be the most attractive and perfect for a possible intruder in the area, but not so much if you have finally managed to get the puppy to fall asleep. It can be effective to train your dog in getting dogs to calm down after they start to sound off; however, the baby is already awake, and the delivery man has put the pizza out on the front lawn and left. Are there breeds of dogs who don’t bark a lot, regardless of being lonely, or something they’ve heard on the news or even on the doorbell? It’s true! These are our top picks for the quietest dog breeds.


Newfoundland pupy

These are cuddle dogs that can be kept in a kennel. Gentle, calm temperament makes them suitable for homes where constant barking can cause disruption. Newfies can be a bit of a nuisance to family dogs. While they’ll stay guard their people and alert them when there’s a danger, they’re not likely to be barking out of boredom or other random noises in the home.

Great Dane

great dane

In a contest for the most peaceful dog breeds, The Great Dane runs neck and neck with the Newfie. This gentle giant needs to be aware that its dimensions and looks make it unimportant to be observed! The inclination to lunge and barking is not to be a part of their routine, and that’s good news for us humans!


basenji pupy

Although Basenjis are referred to for their non-barking behavior, however, they’re not silent. The yodeling, singing sound they emit when worried could be more pleasant than barking. And even though they do not make a lot of noise, they can alert their owners of danger. They were bred as hunting dogs and were believed to be virtual pets by the ancient Pharaohs. They are highly active and devoted.

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Bernese Mountain Dog

 Bernese Mountain Dog

A different, more giant but generally silent breed Bernese Mountain Dogs are quiet and gentle working dogs that can fit in families. While they are fond of the company of other dogs and people, Their appearance is daunting, but when they’re with their family, they’re the creme puffs! Their size is a deterrent to criminals, and their roar is awe-inspiring.



Derived from Russian visually hunting dogs, they are among the bluest blue blood found in the Canine Kingdom. They are devoted to their homes and families; however, don’t expect their barking or threatening when an intruder comes at you! Their silence makes them attractive hunters, but they’re also less effective for guarding.

The Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees

With a large body and a similarly large and stubborn personality, The Great Pyrenees doesn’t need to create a lot of noise to be noticed. Their intimidating size and alert guardian nature are conservative. While normally calm and peaceful, they require regular training to channel their energy.


Whippet dog

The sleek, elegant Whippets are quiet dogs with an impulsive streak that relies on calm, not boisterousness. They were bred to hunt, and Whippets could quietly chase any small animal they could see. They are also very social and love to cuddle quietly with their families even if their stomachs are full! Food theft from tables or the counter is a feat of stealth, and they do it well.

Chinese Shar-Pei

close up of blue shar pei do
Close up of Blue Shar Pei Dog. The Shar Pei, or Chinese Shar-Pei, is a breed of dog known for its distinctive features of deep wrinkles.

Shar-Pei puppies are usually peaceful, calm, and independent. They started as security dogs within China; however, it’s more likely their (quiet) existence that made criminals think about entering the palace without permission! They are likely to raise their voice only when they’re apprehensive. They also spend a good portion of their time relaxing at their home.

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Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgebacks can be vast and powerful; However, they do not make noises to attract attention or to intimidate. If they are confronted with a threat, they’re more likely to place their massive bodies on top of their loved ones. Their lovely expressive faces don’t often release barks. However, their body signals are clear that they are safe!

Irish Setter

purebred Irish Setter

Irish Setters might have a reputation for their clownish, frolicking behavior and unending energy; however, they don’t show annoying barking with plenty of exercises and playing. It is essential to keep them entertained and exhaust them. When it comes to Setters, this is especially the case that a tired dog is a content (and peaceful) dog!


Rough Collie

Collies can be heard to bark whenever there’s an issue brewing, and we’ve all heard of Lassie small boys and wells. Their barking is usually a clear indication of a reason, and that’s why when they sound vocal, we must be attentive! To protect their families, as canines and humans, Their warnings are worthy of examination and care.

Italian Greyhound

italian greyhound

Italian Greyhounds are a highly strung breed that is likely to become stressed due to too much happening. It is created as small hunting dogs which can detect and follow instead of chasing their prey. They like a quiet, tranquil home and can contribute by not speaking much. Children and parties can cause them to sleep under the mattress instead of barking in a trance.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


The adorable, small dogs aren’t the first to get off the sofa when the doorbell is rung. They are calm and peaceful. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are a joy to play with people and other dogs. However, they aren’t particularly aggressive with strangers. So the mailman will be secure from them. Sturdy but intelligent and obedient, barking at random can be quickly halted with a bit of training.

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bullmastiff dog

Another breed of puppy that’s size is why they cannot be loud and raucous at any stimuli. Self-contained and docile, mastiffs are a force to be reckoned with! If they do bark, it’s often a way to draw attention due to its deep bass-like resonance, usually one or two bars of greeting. Mastiffs can quietly show themselves to strangers for petting.

French Bulldog

Do French Bulldogs Eyes Change Color

Frenchies are trendy small dogs that do well in quiet and secluded areas since barking isn’t their forte. They like having their families around them, and they are a lot of fun and affectionate and affectionate. Even a simple knock on the door won’t cause much sound! With enough care and practice, the idea of barking out from loneliness or boredom won’t ever be in their thoughts.

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