How to Groom a Dog Without a Grooming Table

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How to Groom a Dog Without a Grooming Table

Grooming tables are lovely. Your dog will be elevated, meaning you don’t have to bend. However, you can walk on all table areas and turn it around to reach your dog with ease to brush, trim, and clip.

Many grooming tables come with an overhead arm with an attached leash and neck loop that you can use to control your dog and hold him in position. Some tables come with a dog restraint suspended from the ceiling and loops underneath your dog’s stomach, behind his rear legs to keep him upright so that you can easily access his backside, underside, and back legs.

A little imagination can go far when working without a table for grooming! While they’re fantastic but it’s not practical for most of us to have a grooming station at home. The absence of any grooming table can be difficult. However, there are some methods by which you can access your dog while keeping your dog’s grooming spot.

Your Dog’s Perspective

Whatever method you employ that your dog has solid feet and isn’t likely to fall off a high surface and cause injury to himself. A grooming table generally has an excellent grip is sturdy, stable, and comes with a restraint that ensures your dog is secure and keeps him from attempting to fall out of the table. Home remedies for pets that don’t feel secure for your dog could be a nightmare.

Most furniture for the home is suitable for a small or medium-sized dog. To protect themselves, large dogs must be groomed on the floor if the grooming table isn’t accessible or at excellent tables, such as a wooden picnic table. If you’re using a raised area, be sure that it can support your dog’s weight.

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Caution and Considerations

  • If you’re lifting your dog, be sure that he can’t jump off the ground and hurt himself. Set up restraints, or ask an assistant to assist.
  • Ensure that the grooming areas you have made for yourself are safe by using bath mats or rubber mats. Attach mats to surfaces to ensure they don’t slide off.
  • Make sure the elevated surfaces can support your dog’s weight. Ensure that the legs of your table are secured in the correct position.
  • Be aware when you bend or reach out for your dog during grooming, not to put a strain on your joints or back. Change your dog’s position to allow you to reach the area you wish to groom without placing unnecessary stress on your body or your dog.


While a table for grooming is excellent for controlling your dog and providing him with a safe surface on which you can easily reach and use tools for grooming, it isn’t always practical. Many household surfaces can be modified to lift your dog and give him a safe footing. Have someone else help to ensure that your dog will not leap off the floor when you’re working. Another option is to work on the floor, place the tools you’ll need, keep your dog in a tiny space like a bathroom, and then urge him to remain standing with a piece of equipment between his legs or on his belly.

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