How Often Do French Bulldogs Poop?

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When bringing a puppy home, one of the most important things a dog owner should teach them is how to use the potty. This breed is exceptional, and you should be careful about what you do. Taking care of your dog’s diet and keeping it clean is essential.

There is no standard number of times a dog should go to the bathroom every day. This means there are many facts to consider. So, let’s start.

While there are many things you need to monitor with your Frenchie to determine their overall health, the most critical indicator of their wellbeing is their poop. You can tell a lot by looking at the frequency, color, and consistency of your Frenchie’s poop.

How should healthy Frenchie poop look?

A stool that is chocolate brown and slightly firm should be ideal. The seat should be chocolate brown and a little firm.

Suppose your Frenchie poos only once per day, and you don’t find any abnormalities in the stool. In that case, there is probably nothing to worry about.

If your Frenchie isn’t peeing every day, it could be constipation. This is especially true if they strain while peeing.

How Many Bulldogs Poop Each Day? (Bulldog poop size)

Although there is no definitive answer to this question, it is essential to note that the poop should have a chocolate brown color. The size of the Frenchie’s poop dramatically depends on their age and food intake. Frenchie puppies poop more often than adult Frenchie dogs.

Also, your French bulldog should poop a minimum of once and five times daily.

Constipation In French Bulldog

French bulldogs are often constipated when they try to force their poo. French bulldogs may experience constipation due to various factors, including reduced water intake, eating indigestible foods, or ingesting something irritating.

Because the colon absorbs water, it becomes dry and hard, making it difficult for the dog to get rid of it. Dogs can become dehydrated due to this. This poop is often hardened and can sometimes bring fluid and blood. People mistake it for diarrhea.

What factors can affect your dog’s pooping frequency

Many factors influence how often your Frenchie poops throughout the day. According to a general rule, puppies tend to urinate and defecate more frequently than adult Frenchies.

You will decrease their frequent toilet trips as they age and their routines become more consistent. These are the most common:

1. Eating too much

A Frenchie’s diet is another factor determining how often they poo. A dog that eats a lot will require frequent bathroom trips.

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It’s worth checking whether your Frenchie is eating enough and is getting enough exercise.

2. Too much

You should first check to see if your Frenchie is fussy. They may have eaten their food. If your Frenchie doesn’t eat as much or doesn’t eat enough, it could lead to them pooping less often or none at all.

If your Frenchie refuses food or treats for more than forty-eight hours, you should immediately take them to the vet. This could indicate serious health problems. To see if they are responding, you can try tempting them with treats they enjoy.

3. Fiber 

Fiber is an essential component of a healthy diet. It aids with bowel movement and water absorption.

Excessive fiber intake can harm the health of your Frenchie. Your Frenchie may experience gas, diarrhea, hard stool, or other symptoms. It can also cause an increase in the frequency of defecation. Still, it can also be detrimental to their development.

Your veterinarian should be contacted if you have concerns about Frenchie’s food or fiber intake. This is particularly important before you make any significant changes.

Why French Bulldogs eat their poop (5 Reasons)

Your Frenchie used to play with its mother, who cleaned its poop to keep predators away. This is how your dog learned to eat its poop. Dogs may not only eat their poop, but they also eat the poop from other dogs and cats. This can be done out of boredom or curiosity or to see what the poop tastes like.

There may be more to the behavior than what has been mentioned. Let’s find out what they are.

1. Hunger

Frenchies will eat their poop to overcome hunger. This is likely because you don’t feed your dog enough.

2. Worms

Your dog might have worms in its intestines. This is especially true for pups who eat their poop. Your beloved Frenchie will need more food because parasites and worms take away nutrients from his stomach.

3. Less Nutritious Food

Less nutritious foods are found in poop that are not significantly different from how consumed, so the Frenchie finds them just as appealing.

4. To Get Attention

Adult dogs get more poop than puppies and find it an opportunity to relieve boredom. You can scold your puppy if it eats poop. He does this because he loves it.

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5. Stress

Stressed or depressed dogs can be destructive and eat their poop. Stress could be caused by your neglecting them, the change of house, or any other reason.

Why Do French Bulldogs Poop Blood?

It is best to call the vet immediately if your Frenchie, or any other dog, has bloody poop. An emergency is called an emergency when your Frenchie suddenly stops eating or becomes lethargic. The following are some of the reasons for bloody poop:

  • Parvovirus
  • Bacterial/viral infections
  • Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Serious food intolerance
  • Cancer

What to do if your Frenchie poops

It’s best to check any stool after your Frenchie has peed. While you can expect minor variations in the ideal poop, it is essential to be alert for any drastic changes. Some signs could indicate health problems.

Check your Frenchie’s stool for any visible damage.

1. Worms in the Poop

If you see small pieces of rice on a new stool, your Frenchie may have worms. Although worms are small, they can also be very long and thin. However, they will always be an off-white to tan color.

You should immediately contact your veterinarian if you notice this in your Frenchie’s fresh stool.

2. Foreign objects in the poop

Like any other dog, Frenchies are known to eat things they shouldn’t. It is good to call your veterinarian if you discover any foreign objects in Frenchies’ poop. This could include pieces of plastic, cloth, or jewelry.

Seeing something like this in your Frenchie’s poop could indicate that they have had something in their stomach.

3. Abnormal coloring

A chocolate brown is the best color for Frenchie’s poo. These colors can indicate serious health problems:

4. Black poop

Your Frenchie may have black stools or poop. This is a sign that the dog has eaten blood. This can indicate an infection, injury to the Frenchie’s stomach, or cancer.

5. Yellow poop

A yellowish stool indicates a possibility of an infection or that the Frenchie has eaten something that may be irritating the digestive system. This can signify a parasite or food allergy and a problem with your Frenchie’s gallbladder, liver, or pancreas.

6. Green poop

Your Frenchie may have been eating a lot of grass if they have green stools. This is a sign that your dog has an imbalanced diet. Dogs will often do this if they are feeling sick. Green poo can indicate that your Frenchie suffers from a parasite, rat poison, or other digestive problems.

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A professional should immediately spot any changes in your dog’s behavior, such as lethargy or a refusal to eat.

7. Red streaks in poop

A little bit of red blood in your Frenchie’s stool is not something to worry about. However, if your Frenchie has a lot of it or is passing stool with the same color, this could indicate more severe health problems.

It could be a sign of parasites, toxins ingestion, inflammation of the colon or bowels, or infection of the anal sac. It could also be a sign of trauma to the digestive tract.

8. Coating

A healthy dog’s stool should be free from any layer. You should check your Frenchie’s stool for any coating. This poop is often seen with diarrhea and could indicate large-bowel inflammation.

It is recommended to contact your veterinarian if you notice any stains on your Frenchie’s poos for more than two days.

9. Consistency

Your Frenchie should have a poop consistency that is firm but not dry. If your Frenchie’s poo is soft or runny, it may be a sign that there are more severe issues. If you see any softening or hardening of the skin, it is usually not something to be concerned about. It would be best if you were alert to any drastic changes.

The best thing to do is watch your Frenchie’s poo if you notice this. If your Frenchie’s poops become softer each day, you should take a sample to your veterinarian.

How Often Do French Bulldog Puppies Poop?

Adult dogs can poop up to five times per day, but Frenchie puppies tend to poop more often because they eat more frequently.

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What’s the Color of Healthy Bulldog Poop?

A French bulldog’s poop must be chocolate brown and not lighter or darker than that.

Why does mucus come in the bulldog’s poop?

The secretion of the intestines lubricates the colon to ensure proper functioning. They can be dead colon cells that do not cause constipation.


You now know how often French bulldogs poop. French bulldogs are a mix of Toy Bulldogs in England and Paris’s local Ratters. They live between 10 and 14 years and are friendly by nature.

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