Fundamental Facts About Fido and Fermented Foods

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Fermented Foods and dogs

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Today, most pet owners realize that the old saying about not feeding your dog “people food” isn’t entirely true. Some of the foods you choose to include on your menu offer your dog’s family members benefits. Although nutrition must be tailored to dogs and your pet’s needs by feeding Fido human-like ingredients, even small quantities of human food aren’t necessarily an issue in moderation.

One of the newest fashions in food that does well is the ancient method of fermenting. From sauerkraut and beer to kimchi, fermentation is an incredible biological marvel in making delicious food items that we can enjoy on our plates. Fermented foods have a variety of health benefits, some of which can be beneficial for dogs too.

The Fundamentals of Fermentation

To understand the benefits of fermentation to your dog, it is essential to know what and how it operates. Fermented food is made by adding yeast, bacteria, or mold to food items free of bacteria, such as vegetables. These microbes consume the vegetables and multiply in part, digesting proteins and other nutrients found in the food. If bacteria are active on fermented food items, they dissolve cell walls, making the nutrients available for digestion. As we take in food and digest it, we soak it to eat up nutrients and dispose of waste.

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What are the advantages of fermenting

Modern diets based on dry kibble are cooked frequently at extremely high temperatures, removing many digestive enzymes and nutrients, making what’s being consumed less bio-available. Furthermore, using antibiotics during modern meat-raising methods can get rid of the good bacteria the body of your dog needs to fulfill its basic needs.

Foods digested in part by beneficial bacteria (aka fermented) provide a range of health advantages. First of all, foods that have been fermented contain probiotics. You’ve probably heard about probiotics as supplements or in commercials for yogurt. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are consumed in the right amounts, aid in restoring health, strengthen and improve gut flora, which is your natural bloodstream of bacteria found in your dog’s intestines. They help digestion of food. Gut flora is a good thing for your dog. It reduces the frequency of diarrhea and upset stomachs, helps control gas, and has a generally positive impact on your pet’s health as a healthy gut is an overall healthy body!

Consider fermentation as a proper delivery method for vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients. Fermentation increases the amounts of vitamin B and C K2, K2, and many good-for-Fido-enzymes. Fermenting foods also improves digestion and the absorption of nutrients. If vegetables are fermented, bacteria begin to eat away at the rigid outer cell walls. If your dog is fed fermented vegetables, their system can more easily access these nutrients due to the head-start provided by fermentation.

Fermented vegetables are excellent for ridding your dog’s body of harmful toxins like heavy metals. The lactic acid created during fermentation has been found to have significant anti-cancer effects. This is an essential benefit to prolonging your dog’s lifespan and overall health.

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Although many food items may not be ideal for sharing meals along with Fido (think the ice cream or chocolate, onions, and many more), fermented vegetables can be beneficial for dogs and their owners. Since dogs are carnivores with a diet of around 30percent of their food is derived from additional vegetables and fruits. Fermenting your vegetables for your dog can boost the number of certain nutrients and vitamins and makes it easier for your pet to absorb these items. Additionally, it’s the best way to get plenty of probiotics, which help with digestion and overall well-being. When you take a bite of fermented broccoli, cabbage, or carrots, be sure to serve a bit to your pet. This is one dish you’ll love having Fido demanding!

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