Top 20 Dog Breeds With the Strongest Bite Force

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Our dogs are fantastic! They love pets, excellent playmates, and are highly athletic! Like humans, certain canines are made to be strong! Dogs with genetics that give them certain traits, such as more smell glands, great vision, and impressive muscles, are working dogs. They can be seen walking through the blind, sniffing out contraband, or being part of a military pack during moments of conflict. Guard dogs use their formidable jaws to protect themselves from any dangers to their group. Certain breeds are blessed with powerful jaws that can be measured using the force measurement in science called the Psi (pounds for every sq inch.) These are the most popular breeds! Are you looking for a jaw-strong puppy?

Dogs with the Most Powerful Biteforce/ The the most robust Jaws

1. Kangal (Dog with the Most Powerful Bite)

Kangals are guard dog breeds that originate from Sivas City in Turkey. They are among the most potent dogs and can hold the crown to ensure the best bite. They are used as guard dogs to safeguard sheep and other flocks from larger predators, like bears, wolves, and jackals. Bears. They are renowned for their devotion, protection, and kindness towards animals and children. This breed isn’t the most pleasant to strangers because of its guardian nature. That means going for walks might be a bit difficult at times. Like any breed, make sure you provide the proper socialization from an early age to keep their minds occupied with meeting new people. It’s a good thing, as it adds to the incredible work they employ by the police force or the home guardian.

Evidence suggests that the Kangal is the most potent dog bite globally based on the many research tests. This breed of dog can defeat any predator of medium size in a matter of minutes due to its substantial muscle mass and agility. They possess a lot of strength, and when it comes to the force of their bite, they contain the highest amount of pressure per square inch recorded today.

2. American Bandog 

The Bandog is a dog with a bite strength of 730 PSI, powerful enough to break a person’s limb and leave marks. Bandogs are not standardized breeds. American Bandogge is not a standard breed recognized in the American Kennel Club or any major dog-related organization. The species is commonly referred to as “Bandog” from during the Middle Ages; it is widely used to describe any well-built and robust crossbreed with parents that fall within that Molosser category, specifically those who were part of the war in the Holy Crusade.

Bandogs were designed to serve a single purpose: being a powerful guardians. The word “Bandog” is derived because robust steel chains were used to hold this beast together. The exact source of the Bandog is a mystery; however one thing is sure, this dog has beast stopping abilities!

3. Cane Corso

The second on our list is the most coveted dog in Italy and the Cane Corso. This massive and powerful dog is descendant of the canines from Roman antiquity. In the recent past, puppies of this breed were used to catch animals in the countryside. They were also used as guard dogs and attack dogs by night guards, carters, and tax collectors.

The most distinctive feature is its massive and impressive head. It also has a beautiful short coat that can be jet black or fawn-in hue. The Cane Corso has a horrendous biting force that is 700 PSI. This dog is a formidable opponent for anyone who is a danger to the master.

While the Cane Corso has a significant bite, they are affectionate and obedient to their families when they clearly show preference. They’re highly knowledgeable and keen to learn, making them incredibly easy to train. But their prey drive and excessive protection could be an issue when you have pets in your pocket or if you seem to have visitors frequenting your home.

4. Dogue De Bordeaux

The next one is the oldest Molosser breed that hails from Bordeaux, the port city located in southwest France. It has been called the Dogue De Bordeaux, also called”French” Mastiff or the Bordeaux Mastiff, since the 14th century. Fans of this breed took care to keep the breed’s purity in the coming generations.

At the time, these dogs were tasked with various tasks that required brute force. They pulled carts, carried massive objects, guarded livestock, and protected the mansions of nobles they served. The Dogue De Bordeaux is best known as a jolly companion who sleeps and drools lots. In the house, they are peaceful and calm. In addition, they are friendly with children, which is not the case with other mastiffs. So long as you don’t cause harm or danger to this dog, there’s no reason why he should show his bite force; that is 556 PSI.

Dogue De Bordeaux Dogue De Bordeaux has a robust build and an enormous skull, regarded as the most prominent canine skull. It’s no surprise that the jaw packs quite a power.

5. osa Inu

Tosa Inu Tosa Inu is the product of crossbreeding European dogs to produce the most fierce canine gladiator. Tosa breeding was in its best form from 1924 until 1933. In the time of Tosa, there were around 5 000 breeders in Japan who sought to make an indestructible hybrid.

It has a bite force of 556 PSI, but you don’t need to be worried about getting your arm cut unless you are an armed robber. Tosa Inus can cope with challenges when given adequate training and sound guidance. As samurai-like, they are trustworthy, respectful, respectful, and reliable.

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However, Tosa Inu is regarded as a breed of dog that Tosa Inu is often presented as a dangerous dog because of its dark past. Several countries, including Australia, Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Malaysia, are currently banning the ownership of the breed.

6. English Mastiff

English Mastiffs are a more significant type of breed. These breeds are peaceful and robust when they need to be. The ancestors of Mastiffs include the “Molossus,” that were regarded as fierce and skilled combat dogs. The English Mastiffs of today are tranquil and gentle breeds. Despite being huge, they are a very gentle breed that will guard your children with affection and grace. It is also known as one giant dog breed worldwide and can sometimes be an irritable companion. They don’t need as much time to play as other breeds listed. However, they require an enormous amount of food to stay healthy throughout the day.

The force of their bite is massive, and they boast one of the most potent “bite forces” recorded by dog breeds, with 556 pounds of pressure each square inch. With this massive bite force, this breed can break any bone you have.

7. Dogo Canario

Bite Force – 540 PSI

This magnificent dog is from the gorgeous Canary Islands and is a far cry from the soft, delicate canary. This dog, known as the Perro of Presa Canario, is also known as Dogo Canario and is regarded as one of the deadliest canines. It has been implicated in numerous fatalities to date.

Dogo Canario Dogo Canario is a historical war dog and was utilized in dogfighting before it was made illegal during the 40s. The dog’s appearance is impressive. An enormous, rectangular body with a huge head. It can snap its jaw shut at the force of 540 PSI which can cause serious injuries or even death due to bleeding.

Dogo Canarios are still regarded as hostile. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this breed has been banned in many countries. However it is, this breed of Dogo Canario is adored in its home country. They’ve proven to be excellent guard dogs and an excellent family member.

Take note that this dog isn’t suitable for a typical family. They require a large area to play in, constant stimulation of the mind, and, foremost, an uncompromising Alpha. If your dog believes that they are better Alphas than you, then he’s more than happy to play the title.

8. Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino Dogo Argentino was developed in Argentina with the hopes to create a dog that was able to hunt with tenacity and also an unshakeable determination to protect the owner. It was a descendant of the Cordoba Fighting Dog, along with other breeds that were incredibly strong.

With a bite force of 500 PSI, quick reflexes, and a massive statue, The Dogo Argentino is unsurprisingly feared by many. They can be able to take on wild boars as well as buffalo effortlessly. They’re also elegant.

Yes, the Dogo Argentinos are naturally aggressive; however, they don’t snap for no reason. Through early socialization and obedience training, they can be an excellent addition to your family, a ferocious guardian, and an expert hunter who can bring you food.

9. Wolfdog

The dog is a mix of a wolf and a domestic dog. Because of this, keeping them is a bit riskier than owning an average dog. Additionally, they are challenging to locate when looking for a breeder to buy one from. The physical traits can be uncertain due to the complex process of mating dogs to wild wolves. Even if the wolf is not rough, it is not a fully domesticated wolf available to breed off of. However, the wolves are pack animals and are highly loyal.

Their Psi is currently at 406, which is the third position at the top of our rankings.

10. Leonberger

The Leonberger originates from the city located in Leonberg located in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany; hence the breed’s name. They were bred to look like animals; however, in reality, the dogs appear more like cuddly bears, aren’t they?

Despite their dimensions, Leonbergers are as gentle as they are cute! The giants are appreciated for their playful nature, quick wits, and gentleness towards youngsters and old. Family members who have had the Leonberger said that this breed thrives in close families and is also comfortable with other animals. They also are susceptible and therefore make excellent therapy dogs.

While Leonberger has a huge heart, it’s advised not to take it to the limit. If it is angry, it could unleash a force that is 399 PSI. The dogs can also be very aggressive chewers and loud barkers. They are also very fond of children. It is essential to supervise your playing with them because their size could crush the size of a toddler.

11. Akita Inu

Do the words Hachiko sound familiar? Hachiko is the Akita Inu who waited at Shibuya Train Station. Shibuya Train Station for ten long years, waiting for his master’s return. The dog’s story attracted the media’s attention and was later made into novels and films.

Akita Inu Akita Inu is adored with admiration and love by the Japanese and worldwide because of their strong heart and vital spirit. Although this breed is blessed with some admirable characteristics, however, there is the potential that this breed could strike with devastating consequences.

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The Akita Inu can close its jaws shut like a scissor with as much as 400 PSI, and you’re not able to make the dog close its mouth until it is ready to release it. Its size alone is the main reason this breed is considered a threat by certain. Despite its adorable feline-like face and fluffy coat, Many are afraid of the Akita Inu as a bit intimidating due to its powerful and influential physique.

Akita Inu Akita Inu, in general, do not tend to bite, but they are sometimes stubborn. Like brave pets, loyal and devoted to their family, they don’t bite other animals and humans if they are at risk. Their strong territorial nature makes the dogs more likely to defend their family members, even if it means their lives.

12. Rottweiler

Rottweilers are a tough breed of dog. They were initially created to aid in work like pulling carts or protecting the homestead. They were among the first breeds of dogs accepted by the police that still assist the police today. They’re medium-sized with excellent structure and incredible power. They are agile and have a high endurance level that keeps them moving. They are also employed in various searches and rescues by the military and police. The breed is an excellent combination of intelligence, strength, and endurance. Rottweilers are believed to be brave, amiable companions who can outdo virtually any breed by their charming behavior. The species is also alert and can enter defensive mode within just a few seconds when threatened.

The dog is employed for police duties because of its trustworthiness and muscular build. The bite force for the average Rottweiler is the equivalent of 328 pounds for every square inch. This is more than twice the amount of weight this breed can bear.

13. Siberian Husky

Huskies make lovely pets! They’ll forever be a sled dog in their heart. Therefore, you must give them a large playground and energy-draining activities. If they don’t, they’ll run around your home in a rage or create unrest in the community with their loud screaming.

Be aware that these sweet, happy-go-lucky dogs possess a massive bite force of 332 PSI. In addition to being extremely playful at times, there’s nothing terrible regarding this dog breed. This is a huge comfort to know that they’ve only acquired the lupine features of their menacing and wild predecessors, not their nature.

14. African Wild Dog

In contrast to most dogs on the list below, this dog is classified under the unique category of being classified as a “cape hunter.” This signifies that this breed is considered to be an ultimate hunter. This breed of dog is a descendent of that of the Sub-Saharan Dog, and it is one of the giant dogs belonging to this particular breed. They’re well-known for their hyper predatory nature, which means that they consume at the very least 70% of all their food composed of animal products. It is also important to note that, according to the IUCA, the breed is classified as to be endangered. African Wild Dogs are very social animals, and they generally live in groups. It has been reported to have social hierarchies shared by males and females in the group. The breed is the best hunting dog in nature. It is possible to gauge the animal’s hunter-gathering ability by comparing them with wild animals like Hyenas. The hyena is highly agile in catching prey and only gets surpassed in battle by more giant predators like the lion.

One of their favorite species of prey is predatory antelope. They can easily capture as they are present in large numbers across the Sahara. Of course, being in the wild coupled with numerous years of evolution has made their jaws extremely sturdy. They are among the most potent bite forces recorded in Sized medium dogs at 317 psi. This amount of power is sufficient for breaking any bone within the body of a deer.

15. American Bulldog

American Bull Dogs Are a compelling and robust type of dog. They tend to be constructed with muscular physiques and sport a big head and powerful neck muscles. These breeds make lovely family pets and can adjust to the daily routine of your home’s performance quite quickly. They are prone to take care of their owners and form strong bonds with anyone they have regular contact with. Although this breed is a cuddler, they are also robust and confident about their capabilities. One thing to keep an eye on is their response to strangers. Although this dog is highly affectionate in its own home, it is often not confident around new people. Of course, this can be overcome through regular interaction with puppyhood. Be aware that this breed could become somewhat destructive if allowed enough time to play and exercise regularly.

The breed has a lot of strength in times of need and will not hesitate to take on any attackers when they feel at risk. Their physique, paired with the agility of this breed, is a formidable force to be reckoned with to stop any criminals who attempt to gain entry into your home. They’re strong, not just in terms of body size. However, they are also robust with their jaw strength. American Bulldogs bite with a force of 305 Psi (Pounds per square inch).

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16. Doberman

Dobermans are medium-sized to a large-sized dog that is very sought-after as domestic pets. The breed first came into existence in the 19th century, when the tax collector from Germany known as “Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann” established the breed. Doberman dogs are intelligent, alert, and sturdy by their nature. The highly loyal dog breed will remain with its owners no matter what, which is why it is now a top choice for people looking for a dog to guard their family and home. Dobermans are highly adaptable and, when properly trained, they are gentle with kids and adults. They have a strong shape and an athletic physique that gives them additional points when it comes to defense. Although many Doberman possesses tails, there is an abundance of the breed that don’t have knobs or lack in the tail department.

The strong bite of Dobermans Doberman has a pressure of 245 psi. They are powerful and possess the physique and brains to demonstrate that. Their jaws are bone-breaking, so various security forces employ them to guard their dogs.

17. German Shepherd

It is believed that the German Shepherd ranks as one of the most widely-known domestic dogs globally. In nations such as those in the United States of America, the German Shepherd ranks as the second most sought-after dog breed. The breed was initially bred to be a working-class breed in Germany. They are brilliant and often employed in positions where police or the military occasionally executes rescue missions. They are incredibly hard-working, easily trained, and easily adjust to new environments. Shepherds are kind and peaceful around children and in family situations. They are also excellent guard dogs because of their intelligence, loyalty, and overall power.

Although these dogs are typically carefree, they can be defensive when they or their family members are in danger. They possess a potent attack force, which is as high as 238psi. Their bite is strong enough to crack any bone inside the human body and take on any animal that could threaten their lives.

18. Great Dane

The Great Dane, also referred to as the “Apollo of Dogs,” is sure to frighten you with its size. Yet, this beautiful and muscular dog is as hearty as his body! The dog could take up your bed, couch, and even the rear of your vehicle.

Great Danes are sensitive animals. Their gentle, sweet, and affectionate disposition is a reversal of their enormous size. They can be awe-inspiring when they’re in close contact with their families. If they are not, they can be mentally unstable and hostile to boot.

It is not a good idea to upset these gentle beasts, mainly when he’s capable of unleashing the wrath of the force at 238 PSI.

19. American Pit Bull

American Pit Bulls are medium-sized dogs that could reach between 30 and 90 pounds at the age of adults. They are a strong, robust, muscular, and tough breed popular across the U.S.A. They have the distinction of being the most powerful dog in their size. The American Pit Bull was initially created to protect livestock and protect their owners from the threat of predators. While the breed has been given an unpopular reputation in recent times, their behavior can be described as an adult child. They are very gentle towards the people they guard and are only ruthless in the event of threats to their families. However, this breed is willing to sacrifice its life to defend the ones they cherish and is a devoted friend to anyone willing to let the dog into his home.

Pit Bulls are an athletic breed of dog. They will require you to train them regularly. If you don’t get enough playtime, Don’t be surprised to see some flipped sofa cushions when you come home the following day. They’ve got a broad face with a strong jaw that is their primary defense. They can break objects that are difficult to destroy should they wish. The force of their jaws is at 235 psi.

20. Labrador Retriever

The American dog that voted America’s most beloved for the past three years has been The Labrador Retriever. It’s not surprising since they’re energetic, playful, outgoing, funny, and highly affectionate. However, as per Animal Friends, the family beloved is also a victim of dog bites and is all known to be hostile to delivery people.

Labradors are known for their soft, supple mouths. They were initially developed for their sporting abilities. Their particular talent is returning their master’s games unharmed or not marking them. In later times they were put to work to perform various duties because they were brilliant and gentle and keen to learn.

Indeed, Labradors do not cause harm to their victims, but they can certainly have a massive punch. If they are threatened, Labradors can shut their jaws with an impressive 230 PSI that is more powerful than the Belgian Shepherd. However, aggression is not entirely gone from this breed’s genes; just suppressed.

Others Dogs that have Strong Jaws

  • Labrador Retriever: Bite Force – 230 PSI
  • Dutch Shepherd: Bite Force – 224 PSI
  • Chow Chow: Bite Force – 220 PSI
  • Malinois Dog: Bite Force – 195 PSI

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