Doberdane Breed Information

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Intelligent, agile, and protective is the perfect description for the Doberdane, the new hybrid dog breed. It is an amalgamation of Doberman Pinscher and the Great Dane. These massive giant breeds make excellent guard dogs because of their intimidating appearance, but they also are the gentle, affectionate, and loyal aspect to them. They are often employed as guard dogs; however, they can also serve as therapy or companion dogs. The exact history of this breed is undetermined, and it is believed to have come into existence in the last fifteen to twenty years.

Due to the size of their bodies and strong due to their strength and size, Doberdane should not be considered for new dog owners. They require an experienced owner who can manage and train strong large breed dogs.

Doberdane Health



Height: 30-35 inches

Weight: 100-140 lbs


Height: 28-30 inches

Weight: 95-140 lbs

Major Concerns

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Wobbler’s Syndrome

Minor Concerns

  • Entropion
  • Cherry Eye
  • Bloat

Occasional Diagnoses

  • Allergies
  • Skin Infections

Occasional Tests

  • X-Rays
  • MRI
  • CT Scan
  • Eye Examination
  • Neurological Examination
  • Blood Chemistry

Doberdane Breed History

The precise roots that led to the Great Dane are still unknown. They were believed to exist between 3000 B.C. since their drawings and illustrations have been discovered throughout Egyptian culture. In the past, it was suggested that this massive breed started as hunter dogs in Germany and could have been developed through the crossbreeding of species, such as those the Irish Wolfhound and Mastiff. In the 1800s, Great Danes started to gain recognition in America, and, in 1887, the breed was officially recognized and registered by the American Kennel Club.

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The Doberdane is an agile dog developed in Germany for protecting the tax collector Karl Doberdane. Doberdane was a tax collector. Doberdane was the head of the kennels within his hometown and had access to a wide range of suitable dogs for breeding intelligent, faithful pets. The clever and agile breed is believed to have come from various species, including the Rottweiler and the smooth-coated German Pointer, different shorthaired Shepherd dogs, and Terriers sporting the famous black and rust marks. Doberdanes were added to the roster of breeds in 1908. Doberdane became part of the list in 1908 by the American Kennel Club 1908.

Doberdane Breed Appearance

Doberdane are a giant breed of dog that stands at 35 inches tall and weighs more than 120 pounds. They are large, well-built dogs. They have large chests, massive bones, and muscular bodies. Heads can have the same structure as the Great Dane and are generally long and rectangular. They’ll have a blocky appearance, with the muzzle and skull in a straight line. Ears are usually laid down. The coat of Doberdane is typically smooth, soft, and smooth. Both the eyes and nasal area are black.

Doberdane Breed Maintenance

Since these hybrids typically have sleek, short coats, they are regarded as low-maintenance breeds. They don’t require frequent visits to groomers and do not require frequent bathing. Regular brushing of the skin is provided to disperse the natural oils created through sebaceous glands. It is possible to clean your Doberdane with a moist cloth when they are dirty.

They can be droolers. Therefore, it’s essential to keep an extra towel in the house! Thorough cleansing of your face will prevent irritation to the skin and the accumulation of bacteria. Other requirements for maintaining your teeth are regular cleaning, brushing the teeth, ear cleaning, and trimming nails.

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Doberdane Temperament

However, while their appearance could seem intimidating, the Doberdane is an amiable and affectionate dog. These hybrids make excellent guard dogs since their mother breed, and the Doberdane is believed to have once snuffed out criminals and intruders. Doberdanes aren’t attacking dogs, but.

They are playful and loyal companions. However, they should not be used for families with children or small pets as their size can make them risky even in play. They can be extremely cautious around strangers due to their protective nature, so owners should be on guard with their Doberdane when they are around strangers.

Since these breeds are derived from species known for their ability to think, it is recommended that owners continue to teach their Doberdane to keep their social skills and increase mental stimulation. Classes for obedience are a great option to allow your Doberdane to showcase his intelligence and learn the dog’s behavior.

Doberdane Activity Requirements

Doberdanes are a great breed to have. Both breeds’ parents are energetic dogs, particularly Doberdane. Doberdanes are best incorporated into a loving family with giant or large breed dogs. The Doberdane will require a minimum of three long walks a day. They also need plenty of space in their backyards that let them exercise and burn off energy. Doberdane is a fun, active dog breed that could take advantage of activities like walks, visits to the dog park, and playing with toys. If you’re willing to put in the effort required for a Doberdane, you’ll be able to have a great pet.

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