Colorado Mountain Dog Breed information

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It is believed that the Colorado Mountain Dog is a livestock guard dog with an affectionate temperament and loves being around people. The breed is gentle around children. Regardless of their weight, they can adapt to living spaces as they are close to their owners and are happy being part of the family. Originated from the working dog breed and bred for working, the Colorado Mountain Dog defends its master’s boundaries against predators of prey, who may try to take over.

Two dogs are required when there is an enormous target, like mountain lions or groups of coyotes. However, one dog is sufficient for smaller predators, such as the sly fox. They’re great for large ranches and farms. They are usually white, but they are available in different shades. The Colorado Mountain Dog is kind with stock, becoming one with other animals, becoming an amiable companion. Contrary to other guardian breeds, they are friendly and welcoming. Colorado Mountain Dog is welcoming and accommodating to visitors and guests to your house, which makes an excellent all-around guard dog.

Colorado Mountain Dog Breed information



Height: 30-34 inches

Weight: 110-150 lbs


Height: 26-29 inches

Weight: 80-120 lbs

Major Concerns

  • None Known

Minor Concerns

  • Ear Infections
  • Eye Abnormalities
  • Eye Infection

Occasional Diagnoses

  • Patellar Luxation
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Bloat

Occasional Tests

  • A Full and Regular Examination by Veterinarian
  • Testing for Ears, Myringotomy, and Tests of Hearing
  • blood Work as well as Serum Chemistry Tests
  • Eye Exams (both internal and external)
  • Blood Glucose Level Testing
  • Elbow and Hip X-rays

Colorado Mountain Dog Breed History

Wendy Francisco and her husband began breeding the breed (the Colorado Mountain Dog) after an attack by a mountain lion killed most of their goat herd at night on the Colorado farm. She began researching the different breeds of livestock guard dogs. Still, She was discouraged by the high percentage of genetic problems in the purebreds and the possible aggression the dog could show towards people visiting the farm. In the wake of her research, she purchased an animal guard dog crossbred called Caspian, which was a hybrid of the Great Pyrenees and the Anatolian breeds.

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Caspian was an outstanding dog that met all of her needs. He was not only highly protective, but also he was a great companion and tolerant of guests. Other ranchers and farmers were faced with the same dilemmas Wendy faced in the sense that they needed an experienced and friendly guardian for their animals. Caspian was recognized as the top dog in what would be referred to in”the” Colorado Mountain Dog breed. A female dog called Snow was discovered and then crossed with Caspian to produce extremely healthy offspring with outstanding guardian characteristics and friendly nature. At first, the breed slowly increased in size, and so did the reputation of its owners for being ethical breeders.

In 2012, the number of breeders had grown, and they were forming an association to promote new breed standards. In 2015, with an increase in breeders, the Colorado Mountain Dog name was trademarked, and the inaugural registry established by the Colorado Mountain Dog Association was officially launched. They aimed to advertise this breed of dog. Colorado Mountain Dog as a pet that is a loyal and loving pet that is perfect for small ranches and farms. The dog’s dependable acceptance of humans visiting the farm is among the best qualities of the beautiful dog.

Colorado Mountain Dog Breed Appearance

The Colorado Mountain Dog is a large dog, standing up to 34 inches tall. It is well balanced and perfectly proportioned in its build. They have a medium-sized chest, sturdy straight backs, long straight legs, and sturdy, comfortable paws. The tail of their dog is as thick as an elongated plume. The coat of the Colorado Mountain Dog is usually white long, medium-length, and very soft and comfortable the contact.

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The longer fur on the mane, back of the legs, and tail are common, and they usually have a lovely undercoat in the winter. This thick warm coat is blown away in summer, leaving a lighter excellent jacket. The face is a soft look and is elegant and elegant. A long muzzle and softly sliding, the teeth coming together in a bite. The eyes are the first thing you’ll be drawn to because they are deep in color, giant set, vigilant, and expressive. This gentle giant is a stunning dog, and it looks gorgeous in a classical manner.

Colorado Mountain Dog Breed Maintenance

A Colorado Mountain Dog is relatively simple to care for in winter. It requires an adequate and thorough brushing once per week, nail clipping as needed, and teeth brushing at least once a week. As summer approaches, the dog will need daily brushing to remove the winter coat that sheds. Most Colorado Mountain Dogs are usually white, so they might occasionally require baths to maintain their fresh color. Human shampoos can take the oils from dogs’ coats and cause them to shed. Therefore, make sure that you apply a special shampoo specifically for dogs.

These shampoos are gentle and gentle, and they protect the natural oils that are present in the skin of the Colorado Mountain Dog. The oils provide vital protection for your dog while out in all types of weather. Make sure you check your dog’s ears for signs of infection. In the summer, check for parasites and ticks. In addition, you can lay back and enjoy your beautiful pet.

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Colorado Mountain Dog Temperament

It is believed that the Colorado Mountain Dog demonstrates a stable temperament. This means that they are friendly, confident, and outgoing with little or no aggression except when protecting their livestock or family. Animals like goats or sheep are at ease when they are with Colorado Mountain Dog, as they blend into the flock or herd and bond with their companions. The dog is calm and serene.

They roam all around the property and watch the livestock. Beware of their soft appearance. They are dogs who are on a mission. They remain vigilant and have a keen instinct to safeguard their family members. In the home, this ferocious dog is calm and quiet in the house, and they’re very affectionate and gentle with children. They are great with their family members, frequently eager to play games or lie with them and be with them. They are loyal guardians and loyal pets. The dog is created to be a friend to your family members and is tolerant of visitors or guests who could show up on your doorstep.

Colorado Mountain Dog Activity Requirements

While they’re not as active in terms of energy, they’re active dogs that can take hours roaming around the property, looking for every corner. If they’re working dogs on the farm or ranch, they’ll have plenty of exercise in their day-to-day activities if they’re an animal companion and require an adequate yard to play in or roam around in, along with an everyday walk.

They are a fan of a family game or two and are gentle with children, who may be a little rough during the excitement of playing. They are very polite in the home, remaining peaceful and quiet. They are incredibly cuddly, and if you’re cold, it’s as if you had a rug to snuggle up to you.

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