Can Dogs Get Spayed While in Heat?

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Can Dogs Get Spayed While in Heat?

You may have put off having your dog spayed until suddenly, and it happens: She’s in heat. It is not your intention to allow her to fall pregnant. You might be thinking, what is the best way to spay your dog in the heat? Can you have the procedure done now to prevent her from getting pregnant? Let’s take a look at the opinions of our experts.

In humans, the human body, the tube closure (having your tubes connected) is possible during menstrual flow. It can end the pregnancy by eliminating the possibility of an already fertilized egg getting into the uterus. The reproductive cycle of dogs differs from humans, however. Are dogs able to be sterilized in temperatures?

Female dogs and their cycles of heat

The dogs are in the temperatures (or “season”) at least twice each year. Females who aren’t spayed will not be fertile at other times, only for a few days or weeks throughout every heat cycle.

The heat is famous for its unusual discharge (many owners opt for doggy diapers to manage this) and the female dog’s habit of “flag” when she is at the point of conception. She’ll turn her tail to 90 degrees towards her side during this time, inviting males to marry her.

The first heat could begin at as little as six months (especially for breeds that are small in size) or even 1.5 years (especially for large breeds). It’s impossible to know when your female will begin her first heat. However, typically, they start at about the same time their mother did.

If you were planning to have your female pet spayed before entering her first season, then she shocks you by starting the process earlier than you expected, it is advisable to get her fixed right away to prevent a pregnancy that isn’t desired.

Can Dogs Get Spayed While in Heat?


Many people believe that when a dog is in the heat, it is necessary to wait until she has finished with the cycle before she is spayed. However, it is essential to be aware of the more significant than usual risks when performing the procedure during this point.

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Spaying a dog during the heat cycle is possible, but it will increase the likelihood of problems.

During the heat cycle, there is an increase in estrogen hormone levels. The uterus is prone to grow and could cause the positioning of the ovaries to be challenging.

In addition, there is an increase in blood flow for the reproductive tract during this time. This could lead to increased bleeding during surgery which can cause shock and ultimately death.

How to manage your dog’s schedule in the season

If your dog’s season is now in full swing and you’re considering a spay to avoid unwanted pregnancies, here are some suggestions for delaying the procedure until it’s more secure and ensuring that your dog isn’t born with puppies.

Keep her inside

Male dogs are very driven to find females to be a part of and can be able to smell them from distances. Of course, you should never let your dog wander about unsupervised. If you leave your dog to her own devices outside is almost sure that she’ll be pregnant.

Even even if you don’t have a dog in the neighborhood around you, there is a good chance that someone will appear for a visit to “check out” your dog.

Do not trust fences

Do you think your girl is secure because you have a five-foot fence around your property? Don’t think so. Some highly driven men out there are eager to meet her! The desire that healthy males need to find the woman they love is not just at fences.

Again The most secure spot for your female during her time of year is inside and closely monitored.

Don’t be worried about walking.

Don’t be concerned about walking your dog. In a place filled with roaming or lost dogs, they may approach your pet and try to flirt during walks on leashes. It is crucial to ensure that your dog receives daily activity and exercise; it’s okay to stop walking until the heatwave is over. She’ll be okay for a couple of weeks without any outings.

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What is the reason it costs more to spay your dog in the heat?

According to Dr. Murithi, it’s much more challenging to sterilize women during the season because of the change in the place of the ovaries and the potential for excessive bleeding.

The cost of spay and sex-related procedures can vary significantly based on where you live and the vet you choose to use. Some low-cost clinics can perform the function for less than $100, while specialist surgeries can cost as much as $500. If your dog is in the season, it is recommended to spend between $50-and $200 over the cost of base.

Do you allow female dogs to go through hot water before Spaying?

This question is contingent on various factors, including your lifestyle and plans regarding your pet.

Many dog owners who are involved in dog sports would prefer waiting until the dog has been through one heat before they spay. It is believed that this helps the body grow naturally and reduces the risk of injury occurring in the future. Particularly in high-intensity sports, like agility, this may aid in ensuring an injury-free and long-lasting career.

If your female dog is often around male dogs, have a male who is not neutered in your household, or the dog is spending a significant amount of time in the backyard, you should look into having your dog spayed before you have your first heat. The likelihood that your dog will become pregnant is very high.

How Do I Get My Dog Spayed When she is in heat?

Although most vets would prefer performing the procedure when your dog isn’t in the heat, they can perform the surgery even if they are.

This procedure involves the total removal of her Ovaries (and generally the uterus) to ensure she cannot become pregnant. It also puts an end to getting into heat and its related issues. Many vets advise having this done before or after the first heat cycle.

Choose to undergo the procedure during the time she is in heat. The process will be more difficult since the uterus and ovaries of your patient are likely to become enlarged, which makes it more difficult for the doctor to find the Ovaries. There’s the possibility of more bleeding in the course of surgery and her death due to bleeding.

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Your dog is expected to have between 10 and 14 days of relaxation and lots of peace and tranquility after the procedure. This limits the chance of both stitches on the external and internal areas being pulled away, causing additional complications.

  • Make sure she doesn’t rub her wounds. You may require an Elizabethan cone to do this
  • If she’s suffering from pain, you can take prescription painkillers as directed by your veterinarian.
  • She is only allowed to take walks for long enough to be able to manage her routine until she’s completely recovered.

For more information about the spaying process for your pet, check out our guides on Ovariectomy and Ovariohysterectomy in dogs.

What is the difference between Spaying and dogs similar to the Tubal Ligation in Humans?

There are some similarities between Spaying a dog during hot temperatures and the procedure of tubal ligation for the menstrual cycle.

  • The most frequent feature is that it has the risk of serious complications. Doctors and vets generally advise against using it.
  • Both surgeries can prevent future births and may end the current ones.
  • The tissues around the surgical site are more likely to tear if they are swelling.

What makes Spaying in dogs different than Tubal Ligation in humans?

There are many differences when spaying dogs during the heat than when performing an adnexal ligation of the tubal to women experiencing the menstrual cycle. These include:

  • Tubal ligations could be reversible
  • Ovariectomy isn’t reverse-able
  • The blood of a dog is not able to clot when she is in the heat
  • Menstrual bleeding is not the cause of this issue in women.
  • Spaying prevents your dog from getting into the heat
  • Tubal ligation can not prevent women from having menstrual cycles.

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