Brittnepoo Breed Information

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Brittany Spaniel and the Poodle. The Brittnepoo is a blend of the best characteristics of Poodle and Brittany Spaniel. A medium-sized dog, they share the class and prideful posture of the Poodle and the affectionate nature that is characteristic of the Brittany Spaniel. The Brittnepoo has a solid and athletic body and is a leggy dog with lots of energy. Although they are not suitable for living in apartments due to their energy level, it is best with a lot of space to explore and expend their energy. Because both dogs are from the hunting world and have a hunting background, your Brittnepoo still has the desire to pursue a trial or hunt, so make sure you maintain a leash while walking.

Brittneypoo Health



Height: 15-20 inches

Weight: 45-50 lbs


Height: 14-18 inches

Weight: 35-45 lbs

Major Concerns

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
  • Insulinoma

Minor Concerns

  • Legg-Calve Perthes Disease
  • Cushing’s disease

Occasional Diagnoses

  • Bloat

Occasional Tests

  • X-Rays
  • Urinalysis
  • Full Blood Work
  • General Physical Examination
  • Testing Eyes and Images

Brittney Breed History

Since there isn’t much information on the Brittnepoo as a breed, examining the breed’s parent breed could provide crucial information about the hybrid’s personality and nature. Both dogs are parents that are Poodle and the Brittany Spaniel, have a background that includes hunting and retrieving their blood. It’s plausible that the Brittnepoo has been bred with the instinct to hunt the dogs.

It is believed that the Brittany was named in honor of its French Province of Brittany. The bloodlines of this breed of dog comprise the white and orange setter, possibly crossed with a Welsh Springer Spaniel. This Brittany Spaniel is one of the most well-known breeds of dogs used to hunt birds. It first appeared at a show in France in 1896 and was first recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club in 1934. The Poodle was born in Germany but evolved into a distinct species in France.

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There are many theories regarding its origins, but it’s an ancient breed regardless of which is true. The French utilized more of the Standard Poodle for duck hunting, and it was the Miniature Poodle to sniff out truffles in the woods, and the primary function that the Toy Poodle was to serve as a pet.

The Poodle frequently traveled with Gypsies who realized it was perfect for training as an animal for the circus. It’s difficult to say precisely when the Poodle first arrived in the United States of America. However, the AKC began to register their first Poodle in 1886. Poodles were not standard within the United States until after World War ll. The mid-1950s saw it become the most sought-after breed in America, which was the position that it held for nearly 20 years. The Brittnepoo appears to be set to carry the famous lineage of these dogs, which is beginning to make a name for itself in dog lovers’ hearts.

Brittney Breed Appearance

Brittney is the Brittnepoo is a medium-sized dog with a sleek and well-built. The muzzle is long, as is the skull. Round and has an incline. The ears are broad and set near the top of the head and are flexible. The nose is comprehensive and is available in various shades ranging from brown to tan and deep pink to black, based on the coat’s color. The teeth come together with a bite of scissors.

The eyes on the Brittnepoo are round and dark-colored. The body is solid and well-built, with long straight front legs and tiny round feet with well-arched toes and thick pads. The tail is high and can be naturally shorter or docked to 4 inches and lesser (in Europe, it is illegal to cut tails). Dewclaws can be removed. It is possible to see feathers on the legs due to the Brittany Spaniel lineage.

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Brittney Breed Maintenance

The Brittnepoo maintenance and care depends on how dominant your Poodle affects your pet. The hybrid breed typically includes the Brittany Spaniel’s supple, single soft coat, lightly feathered, and the Poodle’s curly coat. It could be cut to maintain its shape, mainly when you’re Brittnepoo tends to have a dog’s coat. It is recommended to brush it every other day to avoid matting.

Although this breed doesn’t need frequent cleaning, make sure you use sensitive dog shampoo to ensure that your skin is healthy. Dental hygiene is paramount, and you should teach your dog when they are young to get their mouth examined and have their teeth cleaned. If your dog has been exploring, look inside the ear to ensure that there aren’t any seeds encased within the ear that could cause inflammation. A trim of the nails every two weeks will keep your dog in top health.

Brittnepoo Temperament

It is believed that the Brittnepoo is a breed that likes to please and can be sensitive. When you train this breed, make sure you use gentle but firm language and reward them with lavish praise and small snacks. The dogs of this breed have plenty of energy and are happy to accompany you on games or walks. If you’re walking your dog, keep them on a leash, as they might wander off with their whims, leaving you to follow them. Dogs with intelligence are quick to learn and tolerant of a strong leader.

Engage your puppy effectively to make sure they’re at ease with pets and children. They require physical and mental stimulation to stay healthy and content. They are prone to becoming hyperactive and unstable when they don’t receive the proper exercise. The Brittnepoo is a very affectionate dog but has an individualistic streak; however, generally, they are calm and easy to look after. Their desire to go for a walk or play games can smile your face. They are a joy to be around.

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Brittney Activities Requirements

The Brittnepoo is a descendent of active dogs, so it has the same traits. They enjoy daily exercise or jogging and are a massive fan of playing a dynamic games with their family. They are awestruck when they retrieve the ball, splash in the water, or even take on the challenge of an adventure course.

The Brittnepoo is a highly clever dog that enjoys the challenge of a mental one. If you’ve got a secure area, they will be content with just an eye on you to see what you’re doing. They are dogs for people and are happy to be family members. While they can be housed inside an apartment or home, they require regular exercise to be effective. By movement, I’m referring to an intense walk or run or games in which they have to catch the ball. It is essential to burn off the energy so that they’re content to lay down when they return home. The dogs should be walked an average of 1 to 2 miles per day.

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