Borzoi Breed Information

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Borzois are also referred to as Russian Wolfhounds or Greyhounds with Long-Haired coats. The word Borzoi is a translation from the Russian language meaning “fast or quick.” This Borzoi is a giant dog breed that is a fan of daily exercise and enjoys time with its owners. Must be regularly groomed. The coat of the Borzoi doesn’t have to be bathed often. Medium to large dogs The Borzoi breed is tough but graceful. The Borzois are part of the Sighthound family that originates from Russia. Sighthounds depend on their vision and their speed when hunting. The Borzoi was developed for coursing and hunting foxes, wolves, and rabbits. They hunted in groups of three and caught prey with them. They then became famous as a dog that accompanied the kings of Europe.

Borzoi Health



Height: 28-33 inches

Weight: 75-105 lbs


Height: 26-31 inches

Weight: 60-85 lbs

Major Concerns

  • Gastric Torsion
  • Bone And Joint Problems
  • Osteosarcoma
  • Heart Problems
  • Von Willebrand’s disease

Minor Concerns

  • Cataracts
  • Hypothyroidism

Occasional Tests

  • Blood Test
  • Heart
  • Thyroid Tests
  • X-Rays
  • Eye Examination

Borzoi Breed History

Borzoi was a nickname for the Borzoi was named for his ability to be fast and agile. The Borzoi was first discovered in Russia in the 17th century. It interbreeds with the Arabian Greyhound and a thick-coated Russian Sheepdog breed. Aristocratic families developed the Borzoi as a sighthound and made hunting with Borzoi the sport of choice of the Russian aristocracy.

Formulating the first guidelines regarding the breed’s characteristics in 1650. In the Russian Revolution of 1917, many Borzoi were executed because they were associated with Czars. The Queen Victoria of England and King Edward VII, Prince of Wales, King Edward VII, were gifted Borzoi by the Czar of Russia. Queen Alexandra did not just have Borzois as her pet but also bred and displayed the breed.

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Through the 1920s and 1940s, the breed was regarded as a beautiful pet in America. They were spotted with silent film stars like Jean Harlow, Hope Hampton, Greta Garbo, and Sarah Bernhardt and were famous in the form of Art Deco models. Marilyn Monroe and the artist Picasso also owned Borzois. In addition, they’ve been featured on the front pages of Vogue and other fashion magazines. The Borzoi is a part of the AKC Hound group. It is part of the Sighthound family of dogs. Its name was changed from Russian Wolfhound to Borzoi in the latter part of 1936.

Borzoi Breed Appearance

Borzois are characterized by feathering on their hindquarters and tail. Like the Greyhound and Greyhound, they are also slender, with long legs, a slim body, a deep chest with curved backs, and abdominal tucked-in, and a long tail.

The Borzoi has a sturdy jaw and neck, and his skull has a slight dome with an extraordinarily narrow and long muzzle and face. The teeth are sturdy and are even or have a scissor bite. The eyes of the Borzoi are dark and soft in their expression. The Borzoi is a graceful and refined appearance but is highly agile, solid, and fast. Males must be at least 28 inches tall, and females must be 26 inches.

Males weigh between 75 and 105 pounds, while females weigh between 60 and 85 pounds. The hair of their coats is thick and silky or curly or straight. They sport an incredibly thick curling ruff that wraps around their necks. Borzoi Puppies typically have curly coats. While all patterns and colors are allowed, White with patches is the most popular pattern.

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Borzoi Breed Maintenance

The Borzoi is a moderate shedder that requires regular brushing using a thorny bristle brush. Must clean the dog’s teeth at least once a week to prevent the buildup of tartar. Should clean nails every month and ears cleaned regularly.

The Borzoi is not an extremely active dog. Borzoi is clean and cares for his grooming as cats do. It is crucial to provide an appropriate high-quality diet designed specifically for large breeds of dogs. Because this breed is susceptible to bloat, it’s recommended to feed them a smaller amount of food throughout the day than one big meal.

Borzois require regular exercise and love long walks. If Borzoi is active and able to adapt, he will be a great fit to live in an apartment. Due to their high prey drive, he must not be allowed to walk without a leash. The Borzoi love to hunt and are designed for winter’s harsh months. Due to the lack of body fat, Borzoi may be sensitive to certain substances, including anesthetics. The drug Xylazine is not recommended to be administered to the Borzoi.

The Borzoi is susceptible to many health problems. Take advantage of pet health insurance as soon as possible to save on costly veterinary expenses. Our tool for pet insurance allows you to compare plans offered by major companies like Figo and Spot. Choose your “perfect” insurance plan to protect your dog with just two clicks!

Borzoi Temperament

The Borzoi is often high-spirited committed, loyal, and loyal. They require early interaction with other animals and humans. The adult Borzoi is known to be calm and does not bark. This breed is brilliant and extremely sensitive. They don’t do well with punishment or harsh treatment. While the Borzoi is a giant breed, he can be adapted to a smaller living space when active every day.

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The species is awash with endurance and can thrive in colder climates. The Borzoi may become bored by monotonous activities. They respond well to training for motivation, competition agility, and obedience trials. The breed doesn’t require constant attention. They are confident and self-sufficient. The Borzoi was designed to be a chasing dog and naturally chase animals like cats, small dogs, and small children. If they get caught in a chase, they can remain steadfast and unaffected by their surroundings and even ignore any dangers posed by traffic or the phone calls of their owners.

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