12 Best Dog Breeds for First Time Owners

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12 Best Dog Breeds for First Time Owners

We want to welcome you into this dark side. Do you think of getting your first pet? While it might seem odd to many of us, many people have never had an animal before, and that’s fine! Much research and analysis are conducted into the general aspect of dog ownership. Still, certain breeds of dogs are more suitable for first-time owners than other species.

Though all dogs are distinct within a breed, and they can differ significantly in personality and requirements, the chance of finding a suitable puppy is inevitably greater within the limits of certain species over others. Be aware that no breed is terrible or breed, and if you’re deciding on an animal that’s not listed included on this list, it’s okay! For those seeking suggestions for breeds that may meet their puppy’s needs, You can refer to this list to help you choose! Anyone who’s a first-time pet owner can have success with any dog so that they’re willing to.

1. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

Bichons are a very sought-after breed loved by experienced and new owners alike. They are very affectionate and excellent family companions. They’re poor maintenance, needing just regular grooming and walks every day. They will require plenty of love and affection, However!

The bichon frise can be described as a playful dog perfect for families with children or living in an apartment. It’s like a cotton ball that bounces. This breed is an excellent all-around companion. Bichons are relatively simple to train and adapt to any lifestyle and require only moderate exercise to stay healthy and happy. The bichon’s curly coat must be regularly cut and groomed with care. To maintain a less-maintenance skin, keep your bichon’s hair cut short. You’ll need to devote your time and money to frequent appointments with the groomer.

2. Boxer

boxer puppy

Look at the friendly boxer if you’re looking for your dreams’ medium-sized, high-energy dog. The loyal dog develops bonds with his family. A boxer might be the right choice if you live an active life. The breed requires lots of exercises as well as the foundation for training. Although young fighters may be somewhat overactive, they can be trained and love being observed during training. Once they are socialized and trained, they can flourish in households with active children and usually have a good relationship with children. Boxers are naturally cautious of their family members, especially children, as natural guardians. The grooming requirements of fighters are fundamental.

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Boxers are a perfect choice if you’re searching for an animal lover or family and enjoy playing! It’s not long for these big dogs to be enthralled by their families. They are playful and have personalities that anyone of any age will love. However, they should be part of an active family and have a healthy lifestyle.

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


A Cavalier, The King Charles spaniel, is a lovely and affectionate dog that has an appearance that resembles a puppy. Cavaliers are a great fit in any household and can coexist well with kids of all age groups. The breed is tiny but not tinier and is gentle. The Cavalier is elegant and attentive. It is also generally peaceful. Cavalier’s moderate energy means that essential exercise will usually suffice to ensure health. It requires basic training and is well-adjusted to it. Although it has a medium-length coat, the grooming requirements for this dog are not too complicated. Regular brushing is vital to avoid knots in the hair.

4. Golden Retriever

Golden Retreiver

Golden Retrievers are the perfect family dog. They love to be loved by everyone. Goldens are great with kids of all age groups. This medium-sized dog is happy and loyal, loving, and lively. This breed is intelligent and able to adapt to the majority of homes. They also require a decent amount of exercise to stay healthy and avoid boredom. Training is essential but not tricky. They are awestruck by learning and can be taught to accomplish many tasks. It is necessary to brush them regularly to clean their coat of mats and tangles.

5. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

A Labrador retriever is among the most well-known and well-known medium-sized dog breeds. Labs can be adapted well to various situations and do well with children. They are highly affectionate and loving dogs that create strong bonds with their family members. The breed is lively and playful as well as intelligent. They thrive in households that provide ample exercise and training. Labs are eager to learn and are taught to do anything, including playing fetch, running, and cuddling. It is good to know that they require minor grooming for grooming, such as regular brushing, to reduce shedding.

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6. Papillon

Labrador Retriever

Don’t let the dog’s small body make you believe it’s a small dog. The pampered, friendly and adaptable breed is an excellent fit in many households. The papillon can be found in homes with children, but they need to be calm. It is a sturdy pet that can live an active life. The versatile dog can serve in the role of a lap dog and an exercise companion. The papillon does not require much exercise but likes to play and have fun. It is simple to train and needs just moderate grooming.

7. Pomeranian


It is said that the Pomeranian is a cute and sweet lap dog. The Pom is often the closest dog to the owner but can be a good fit with families. This breed is best with younger children, but it can adapt to different circumstances. They require basic training to set boundaries and provide structure. If not trained, the breed’s temperamental and obstinate side could emerge. A daily exercise routine is usually enough to ensure your Pom content. They are thankful; they react well to regular positive and constructive training and benefit from it. The dog is lively and moderately active, with an enormous fluffy fur coat. Fortunately, the skin isn’t as challenging to maintain as it appears. A regular brushing session is all you have to do to preserve your Pom looking nice.

8 Poodle


The poodle is a modern breed of dog that is an excellent friend. Poodles are adaptable to their surroundings and can thrive in many homes, including families with children. The species is available in 3 sizes: toy, miniature, and standard. They all are intelligent and can be trained well. Poodles are active pets that require lots of physical exercises and mental stimulation. They need grooming every day to keep their curly, constantly growing coats.

9 Yorkshire Terrier

yorkshire terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a beautiful starting dog for those who would like a small lap dog. The breed is very affectionate with its owner and can be protective of strangers. The Yorkie is at a medium energy level and requires only some essential exercise. Walking every day is ideal for the breed. Also, it requires an established foundation of training. In the absence of a structured training program, small dogs are often obstinate and vocal.

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Learn to train your Yorkie as you would a large dog. This can strengthen the bond between you and set limits. The Yorkie has grooming needs that require a lot of attention. Yorkies are constantly growing their hair that needs to be brushed and cut regularly. If you’ve got enough time and funds to visit a groomer periodically, it should be easy to maintain your Yorkie’s hair in good shape.

10. Shih Tzu

sitting shih tzu
Sitting Shih tzu dog with white and brown hair on paving stone.

The majority of Shih Tzus are affectionate and affectionate towards humans. Despite making frequent trips to groomers, this tiny breed is relatively easy to take care of. They’ll be content if you’re looking to play, explore or sit on the sofa. If you’re willing to remain persistent and patient with your training, They’ll be loyal and obey.

11. Great Dane

great dane

Do not be afraid of the size of the Great Dane. They are gentle giants that are excellent couch potatoes. They require enough room for stretching their legs; however, they’re also among the most suitable dog breeds for first-time owners because they’re calm and patient, and capable of adapting. They also have a minimal amount of grooming requirements.

12. Mixed Dog Breeds

When deciding on the breed that is right to choose, it’s crucial to include mixed breed dogs into the picture. They are unique dogs that make great companions. If you’re unsure what breed is best for you, head to your local rescue or shelter to meet adorable mutts. The rescue group can help you find one that displays the traits you are looking for. Training and exercise, as well as grooming, are essential for all dogs. However, the needs of a mixed breed dog will be based on the unique characteristics of its breed.

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