14 Retail Stores That Allow Dogs

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Retail Stores That Allow Dogs

We all love taking our dogs along when we go out; however, finding out which areas they’re welcome can be confusing. Be wary of “dog-friendly” websites that list “dog friendly. In my research, I discovered a variety of organizations that, according to other websites, are dog-friendly, not! One site claimed that Bed, Bath & Beyond has special dog-friendly shopping carts. I called the company, and they didn’t know what I meant regarding the coaches and told me they would only allow service animals.

5 Tips to Consider Before You Go to the Pet Store

Like anything new and thrilling, you should prepare your dog before bringing them to a pet-friendly shop.

  1. Know that some dogs can go into shops and certain breeds of dogs won’t be happy. If your dog seems to be often distracted or has indications of fear, stress, or waspishness, it is best to get him to return home and engage in another fun activity for them instead.
  2. A dog should be socialized and achieve basic training to react to signals and recall before trying to be taken in the store with others and even other dogs.
  3. When you visit the store, your dog must be on a leash, which means they should be safe walking on a leash.
  4. Bring a bowl of water and some snacks to ensure that they stay hydrated, based on the weather conditions and how long you’ll spend away from your home.
  5. If the store requests, it notes all your pet’s shots with your smartphone.

14 Dog-Friendly Stores in the United States

1. Home Depot

The home improvement store is known for being pet-friendly, but you should contact your local store before going out because their policy differs from manager to. Sometimes the cashiers also had dog treats, which kept my dogs very happy.

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2. Lowe’s

As with Home Depot, most Lowe’s stores are open to shoppers with four-legged companions. It’s an ideal spot to take your pet due to the large concrete aisles.

3. Barnes and Noble

It is possible to take my dogs to a Barnes and Noble at Fashion Island in Newport, California. However, just like most chain stores, you must call before visiting since not all their locations are pet-friendly.

4. Pottery Barn

The thought of letting my puppy in a pottery barn is something I would rather avoid (so numerous things that can break!) This chic establishment allows dogs inside based on the area. Be sure to make a reservation before you bring your dog in to assist you in choosing your following table.

5. Petsmart

Naturally, they’re dog-friendly. Be sure that your dog is on a leash and well behaved. If you’re considering leaving your pup at daycare, make sure you know that they don’t accept the majority of “bully breeds” at the supervisor’s discretion.

6. Petco

As with Petsmart, Petco always accepts well-behaved dogs that are leashed. However, they don’t offer treats available at the register, resulting in disgruntled dogs.

7. Macy’s

Macy’s has a long-standing tradition of involvement with pets. From donating windows in Macy’s San Francisco store to the local SPCA to their Petacular and Breakfast event held in NYC, they are a massive fan of animals. My puppy was taken into Macy’s at Fashion Island, Newport Beach, CA, and was shocked at the manager’s dog-savvy. He asked if my dog was friendly and welcomed him to my dog’s side.

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8. Bass Pro Shop

The company has an article on its blog about the possibility of accepting dogs in its stores. Although the Altoona, Iowa location is dog-friendly, the company advises you to call the store before you go since policies vary between stores.

9. Tractor Supply Co.

If you’re shopping for gear, feed, or an updated set of overalls, you’ll probably make the trek at Tractor Supply Co. This retailer in the United States is a lover of everything outdoors and a floppy! They let well-behaved dogs shop with their owners as long as they keep on the leash.

10. The Apple Store

During long working days, logging hours away from home, your pet ‘assistant is asleep on your feet and is there to keep you entertained. Although they may not be able to write an email to you (yet), they will accompany you when you’re ready to update your computer or iPhone. The Apple Store indeed allows leashed dogs in all locations; however, there’s no official policy available on the internet. It is recommended to pick a less crowded hour if you choose to bring Fido with you, as smaller stores packed with people may be complex for you to navigate your pet.

11. Bed, Bath and Beyond

If you’re planning to move or redecorate your house, visiting Bed, Bath & Beyond is essential for all the necessities. They also offer a variety of pet items, including mats and mattresses made of memory foam for dogs. Bed, Bath & Beyond had a ‘canine cart at select locations in the past, but they’ve since ceased. However, your leashed and a well-behaved pet can take part in your shopping excursion along with you.

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12. L.L.Bean

Apart from women’s and men’s clothes, L.L.Bean also sells a variety of household items along with accessories for pets. In this regard, they want your pet to enjoy themselves while you shop. In every L.L.Bean location, your pet is allowed, provided they’re well-behaved and adequately trimmed. There is one exception: their flagship location is in Freeport, Maine, with a cafe. Unfortunately, they don’t allow pets to hang out in restaurants. They have outdoor space with a vast grassy area, and it’s a great place to swap places with your companion or partner.

13. Michael’s

It’s okay to admit that a lot of your work at home is centered around your “baby.” That’s right, your dog. There’s good news! From custom bandanas to customized treat containers, every time you head to Michael’s, it’s always at the forefront of your mind with your pet. When you next pick up items, they are welcome to be with you as long as they’re on the best manners and are on a leash.

14. Nordstrom

Are you in the market for new shoes? Maybe a summer dress or two? Perhaps you’re looking to look around the racks for the best price? Your pet’s favorite gal or man can come along at Nordstrom, a dog-friendly store for over 30 years. So long as your pet is well-behaved and well-leashed and is in good health, they will be able to give their ‘yay’ and ‘nay an opinion about your outfit options. A tip for you: if you’re located in New York City, look at the Dog Social events, where your pet will meet new people!

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