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Registering Your Software

Registration is required for some software offered on this site.

If a program displays a message similar to the following, then you need to register your copy with the author. It's an easy process.

explorati software window appears briefly to give you a chance to register

The message appears briefly when you start your program, but disappears automatically a few seconds later so that you can start to use your software, even before you register it.

Sending in your License Code

If you click the [ Register>> ] button while the window is open, then the window expands to show you how you can register your software.

expanded window shows the license code; follow the directions to register your software

The instructions in this box are for a typical program that is offered as shareware. Other programs may have slightly different instructions.

"Shareware" is a term which is used for software that can be tried before you buy it. To support the authors of shareware, you should pay for the software that you find useful.

In the case of shareware from Ed Halley, you need to send:

  • the partial license code shown in the window
  • the registration fee (check or money order in dollars, payable to Ed Halley)
  • your current email address

Put these all in an envelope and mail it (postal mail) to the given address.

Ed Halley
7050 Calle Orion
Tucson, AZ 85710 USA

Finishing your Registration

After the author reviews your registration and the license code you sent, you will get a piece of email that explains how to finish your registration.

In simple terms, you will be given a more complete license code that can be entered in place of the original license code you sent. The software will check on the new code and determine if it is a valid registered license code.

Once you've registered your software, it will no longer display the registration reminder window. Some programs may have additional features after you've registered your software.

License Codes and Your Second Computer

When you get a complete license code from the author, you will find that it only works on one computer. If you need to use the program on more than one computer, you should register the software from each computer.

Many people have two or three computers and would like to use the same program on all of their machines. If you send in a second or third license code for the same program for the same user, you do not need to send in more money. The author of shareware programs offered on this site will supply you with free registration codes for the first three (3) copies of a given program, provided you use the same email address each time. Of course, you need to send in the unique license codes from each copy of the program.

Group Licenses or Corporate Invoicing

If your company or department is interested in purchasing a number of copies of software, please email the author at ed@halley.cc to work out licensing or invoicing details. Large quantities can earn a discount, and a special licensed version of the software will make installation and registration easier on more than one computer.

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