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Need to go turn off the sprinkler? Check the turkey? Don't want to stay on the phone for too long?

Whatever the reason, the InnaMinute timer is the fastest, most convenient countdown timer you'll find for your computer. It sits quietly next to your clock, and a click lets you choose from a few preset intervals like 1 minute, 10 minutes, or an hour. No dials, no checkboxes, no fussy clock controls to set the alarm time.

The "Quick Alarm Reminder" (or InnaMinute) is just what you need.

When you're not using InnaMinute, you won't even notice it. An icon rests next to your system clock, ready to hop to service whenever you need a reminder.

InnaMinute.zip 1.4
92,350 bytes
SetupInnaMinute.exe 1.4
Full Setup
746,828 bytes

InnaMinute is offered as shareware. Try it today, use it for a while, see if it's useful for you. If you find InnaMinute useful, then register your copy by sending US$10 to the author.

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