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Have you ever had to squint at the screen to see what's there? Do you create graphics for a living, and need accuracy? Do all those tiny icons get lost on your desktop?

The "Quick Dragging Magnifier" (or Dragnifier) is just what you need. One click or keypress will bring up a computerized lens, which lets you see every last detail on your screen at 2x, 4x, even 8x the original size.

When you're not using the magnifier, you won't even notice it. An icon rests next to your system clock, ready to hop to service whenever you need the Dragnifier.

Dragnifier.zip 2.5
88,773 bytes
Y2K CompliantSetupDragnifier.exe 2.5
Self Extracting Setup
127,488 bytes

Dragnifier is offered as freeware. Try it today, use it for a while, see if it's useful for you. If you find Dragnifier useful, then a donation will help fund future improvements.

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Some organizations have written back, saying they use Dragnifier for field operations on very small Windows-equipped computers. The "Scout" machine has a screen that's about 8 inches across. Small screens can be hard to see, and Dragnifier can help expand the information onscreen.

Dragnifier has been demonstrated as an excellent tool for those with sight disabilities. Sometimes a website will include very small print, or sometimes the icons on today's programs are too small to see clearly.

If you're laying out web pages or other graphic arts, having a measuring tool can be handy. Dragnifier's reticule helps you line up items or compare their sizes quickly.

How can Dragnifier make your computing life easier?

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