I don't know why I'm homeless and no one cares for me.
I've tried to be a good little pup good as any dog can be.

I had a home for a little while. but one day I heard them say,
"You can't keep this female dog around," so they took me away.

They left me on a lonely road, no shelter or food for a pup.
I waited each day for their return, but now I've given up.

There's only one that knows I'm here, that knows of my awful plight.
A kitten that searches for food through the day. I hear her cry at night.

She lives beneath a pile of wood, so small, so scared, so thin.
To abandon a kitten so small and frail seems a terrible sin.

HELP US DEAR GOD, this kitten and me, so hungry and so alone.
Guide some kind soul to find us and give us a home, sweet home.

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