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The issue of internet censorship is a controverial one. Whether there is censorship or not, the rights of people are being violated. While I believe that censorship may not be the best choice, I cannot think of a better solution, nor can I see that anyone else has.

The anti-censorship campaign is called the "Blue Ribbon" campaign. Their aim is to protect the rights of the people; primarily, the right of free speech. When the internet is censored, whether through an installed program such as "Net Nanny," or through a more official censorship, individuals are not always allowed to express their opinions, and this conflicts with the U.S. Constitution. Another reason to avoid censorship is so that parents won't have a false sense of security; while children are on the internet, parents should be supervising them whether there is censorship or not.

The anti-Blue Ribbon campaign has arguments of its own. When Blue Ribbon supporters claim that they're "protecting the rights of people," they are not thinking of the rights of parents to raise their children how they want their children to be brought up. The Blue Ribbon campaign wants to take censorship out of libraries and schools; this will allow children to get involved with things they shouldn't, unless the parents are with the children a hundred percent of the time, which is impossible.

Perhaps if no one took advantage of their freedoms by putting explicit materials on the internet--or at least made the access of the materials more restrictive--then censorship wouldn't be needed. However, there are millions of pornography sites that are easily accessable whether you are an adult or a child; there are even sites that have illegal pornography of young children. Something needs to be done about those sites; if censorship is not the answer, someone needs to come up with one, because this IS a problem, and it DOES need to be solved.


March 2003

Anti-Blue Ribbon Green Ribbon

"Act as free men, but do not let your freedom be a cover for evil."

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