The Quick Pix Gallery is my recent works; some of them are experimental, and some of them are more established designs. Fine landscapes, panoramics, and regional interest shots, portraiture and product closeups. Prints of some images may be purchased by PayPal secure web payment services; look for the Buy! folder. Also check out my new Photographer's Notebook section.

Connecticut Legislature

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This is the atrium inside the Connecticut State Legislature, shot in full 360 vision. The original image is 64.8 Megapixels in resolution, and it took 104 photographs to develop this final product. The largest print version is enough that you can easily spot the individual grains in the marble which make up the five-story high interior, and the veins in the inlay marble flooring.
This image is scaled down for the web. Here is a 100% crop sample from the original image at its original scale.

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