The Quick Pix Gallery is my recent works; some of them are experimental, and some of them are more established designs. Fine landscapes, panoramics, and regional interest shots, portraiture and product closeups. Prints of some images may be purchased by PayPal secure web payment services; look for the Buy! folder. Also check out my new Photographer's Notebook section.

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge (originally the New York and Brooklyn Bridge), one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, stretches 5,989 feet (1825 meters) over the East River connecting the New York City boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. On completion, it was the largest suspension bridge in the world and the first steel-wire suspension bridge. Since its opening, it has become an iconic part of the New York Skyline.
-- Wikipedia

This image is a full 360-degree wrap-around, taken in 2005. It is composed from 21 images. About 12 images would complete the circle, but I took extra shots to give me some options on the people enjoying the bridge in either direction. You can see the well-built Manhattan skyline, but next time, I will have to get a closer view of the huge stone uprights for the bridge.

This image is scaled down for the web. An even larger view is available. Here is a 100% crop sample from the original image at its original scale. (The original is 45.4 megapixels!)

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