The Quick Pix Gallery is my recent works; some of them are experimental, and some of them are more established designs. Fine landscapes, panoramics, and regional interest shots, portraiture and product closeups. Prints of some images may be purchased by PayPal secure web payment services; look for the Buy! folder. Also check out my new Photographer's Notebook section.

Densha Kippu Kikai

Let's roleplay a little, here.

You rode the Osaka Itami Airport's Monorail, and now you are in the middle of a random neighborhood in Osaka. This is Senri-chuo Station. You must buy fare for your second train, on the Kita Osaka Kyuuku line, to get you to JR Shin Osaka Station. It took you ten minutes just to figure out where this kiosk was, since the monorail was cleverly hidden four floors away at the opposite end of a large shopping plaza. There is a total of ONE screen of "instructions" when you ask the machine to show instructions in English. Those instructions basically explain that it won't do anything else until you have put money into the machine. The only money you have is a 10,000 yen note (worth nearly $100) and a couple coins you know are not sufficient for your fare. You are not sure if the machine will give you change with your ticket, or simply a huge amount of train credits. The only people wandering around are not excited about assisting a gaijin with their rusty English skills, since it's late and they just want to get home.

What do you do?

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