The Quick Pix Gallery is my recent works; some of them are experimental, and some of them are more established designs. Fine landscapes, panoramics, and regional interest shots, portraiture and product closeups. Prints of some images may be purchased by PayPal secure web payment services; look for the Buy! folder. Also check out my new Photographer's Notebook section.

close-up sample2015/10/31   19:13
Atsuta Jinja in Summer
2007/08/05   12:42:17
Col Sanders
read more2007/08/11   13:05
Densha Kippu Kikai
close-up sample2007/08/11   06:44
Fushimi Inari Torii
2007/07/29   15:27:43
Green Tea Ice Cream
close-up sample2013/06/17   15:59
Heian Jingu Mae
close-up sample2007/08/14   18:37
Himeji Jou
2007/08/02   15:31:08
Hiragana We in Kyoto
2007/07/31   13:18:43
Kiyomizu Mae
2007/08/04   09:16:53
Kyoto Zippo
2017/01/31   05:56
Lp over the Idaka Greenspace
2017/01/31   05:56
Lp over the Panasonic Solar Ark
2015/09/04   15:44:02
Matsumoto Crow Castle
2014/09/06   13:18:25
Mei and Satsukis House
2015/12/21   18:40:04
Nabana No Sato
close-up sampleread more2007/07/29   08:26
Nishi Honganji
2014/07/20   14:38
Old and New
2007/08/03   18:11:50
Omusubi Gonbei
2016/01/15   17:43
Osaka from Hep5
2015/03/06   03:40
Over Shirakawago
2015/05/06   13:12:03
Primrose Jasmine
2015/03/30   16:57:05
Sakura over Kamiiida
close-up sample2007/08/14   19:48
Shrine at Koryuji
2015/06/27   10:24:37
Suburban Neighbor
close-up sample2007/10/23   06:11
Tou Ji Mae

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