Using Hugin to Stitch Panoramics and Mosaics

One of my favorite photographic pursuits is to capture panoramic images. Wider, taller, or just plain... megapixely-er. I love details and I love feeling like I can see it all.

The Hugin Panoramic Stitching program is one of several great front-end interfaces to Helmut Dersch's original math libraries. Unlike many others, Hugin is both Open Source and portable to multiple computer platforms.

The principle is simple: take a number of photographs that cover a wider view, and then "glue" them edge to edge to make a single photograph.

The challenges are diverse. Each image must match in exposure, and you can't skip any areas between shots. Moving objects are particularly interesting, since the clouds may shift, or the same person or car might appear twice in two different parts of the scene. The more challenging, the better I like it.

For indoor architecture, the alignment of the original images is crucial. That's when a panoramic tripod head comes in handy.

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