The Yanagi Dojo Project

To better develop my computer-aided design skills, I assembled a fictional building in a Japanese architectural style. I call this building the Yanagi Dojo, or the Willow Martial Arts Academy.

The mostly-final dojo design:

The dojo was my first major project in the Blender application. At final count, it's over four million vertices, over four million polygons, and over six thousand materials. Each board is a unique material. Each tile on the roof and wall-cap is a unique material. I coded some custom features into my copy of Blender to achieve this feat without hand-creating each material!

Since putting together this project, I've since bought a few books on the real elements of Edo-to-Showa architecture, so I may build a much more authentic model at some point in the future. Until then, the Yanagi dojo is complete.

Here's some highlights of the very beginning of the development:

The tokonoma presents an ukiyo-e from the famed Edo-period artist Katsushika Hokusai, entitled Yanagi no shita kasamochi bijin.

I am just an early student in Japanese language, so please send me comments or corrections on my study aids!

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