Tying the Belt Cord (sageo no sugata)

Typical Cord Knot

The following diagram should help to tie the belt cord (sageo) properly, so as not to come loose from the scabbard (saya).

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Decorative Cord Knot

There are a number of ways to tie your belt cord (sageo) for decorative display on a stand. This is just one possible arrangement. I found that using an enameled chopstick (hashi) was helpful to poke the cord into small spaces and to hold the loops.

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In step seven, I tucked in the trailing ends of the cord. I prefer not to see cord ends at all, so I hide them under the other layers. Even if you do not hide the ends, it is considered crude to allow the ends to dangle too far.

(Shobu ha wa saya no uchi ni ari.) Victory is inside the scabbard.

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