Making Genkouyoushi Writing Paper

The following PDF file can be downloaded and printed onto regular US Letter (8.5"x11") paper, to make your own genkouyoushi (げんこうようし) or kanji practice writing paper. A standard page has room for 200 kana or kanji symbols. It is traditional to write top-to-bottom, from the right column to the left column. You can use it in horizontal fashion also.

genkouyoushi.pdf genkouyoushi-large.pdf genkouyoushi-shodou.pdf

If you're writing on genkouyoushi, you should follow the basic traditional rules. This is like knowing how to hyphenate words properly in English. Follow these constraints and your Japanese tegami will look very sharp!

I have also made up a helpful pattern with ten common kanji on it, for simple penmanship practice. The kanji are in the "square" style, and each column has guides on stroke order and appearance. As you repeat the character down the column, the guides get fainter and fainter, so you have to maintain the consistency on your own. The art of Japanese calligraphy is shodou (しxよどう): the way to write.

I am just an early student in Japanese language, so please send me comments or corrections on my study aids!

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