I'm learning Japanese

Even though I am a rank beginner in all things Japanese, I have decided to put up a few pages describing the things which I do know. I learn better by trying to teach, which I think is also how students in Japan are typically organized.

In particular, I'm training in a martial art, iaido (Japanese swordsmanship), and also self-training in nihongo (Japanese language). These pages will reflect this mixture, probably with less organization than I should apply.

If you've found anything I've gotten wrong, please send me an email to correct the matter! Doumo arigatou!

Table of Contents

    What to Learn A Week Before Visiting Japan
        Requesting Things
        Where is it?
        The Incidentals
        While You're At It...
    The Hiragana (ひらがな)
        Learning the Hiragana in Five Minutes a Day
    The Katakana (カタカナ)
        Katakana versus Hiragana
        Learning the Katakana in Five Minutes a Day
    Making Kanji flashcards
    Haiku and senryuu (はいくとせんりxゆう)
    Informal Nihongo
    Making Genkouyoushi Writing Paper
    Books and Other Study Aids
        Japanese for Busy People - Kana Version
        Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary
        Rosetta Stone JAPANESE Level 1 & 2 Software
    Anime Vocabulary Bingo
    Japanese Pop Music
        Ichikawa Yui
        Otsuka Ai
        Koda Kumi
        Amuro Namie
        Some other Favorites
        Candy-Pop Bands
    The Yanagi Dojo Project
    Way of the Sword: Iaido
        The Basics of Iaido
        Seiza Ippon: Mae
    Tying the Belt Cord (sageo no sugata)
        Typical Cord Knot
        Decorative Cord Knot

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