What can you do with pentominoes?

The challenge is to fit the various pentomino pieces into interesting shapes themselves. There are many such puzzles, and a few are listed here.

Some pentomino puzzles are easy. Some may seem easy... until you try them yourself!

6x10 pentomino board

Sixty Square Puzzles

If each pentomino piece is five squares, and there are twelve pieces in a pentomino set, then you have 60 squares. There are a few 60-Square puzzles. Fit all twelve pieces into the area. Each puzzle has more than one solution.

  • Six by Ten rectangle: 2339 different solutions!
  • Five by Twelve rectangle: 1322 solutions
  • Four by Fifteen rectangle: 406 solutions
  • Three by Twenty rectangle: only two solutions!
  • Chess Board with a 2x2 hole anywhere on it

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