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# quizzes - a set of quiz-oriented minigames for the "quiz" pygame app

import vectors ; from vectors import *
import things ; from things import *
import pieces ; from pieces import *
import boards ; from boards import *
import goals ; from goals import *

import romaji ; from romaji import *

def pretty(roma):
    fixes = { 'SI': 'SHI', 'TI': 'CHI', 'HU': 'FU', 'TU': 'TSU', 'ZI': 'JI',
              'si': 'shi', 'ti': 'chi', 'hu': 'fu', 'tu': 'tsu', 'zi': 'ji',
    if roma in fixes:
        roma = fixes[roma]
    return roma

import random


class Quiz (Board):

    '''A generic base class for a number of quiz mini-games.
    Each minigame in this family allows the user to drag cards
    from one zone to another zone; typically it reacts in some
    way when the right conditions are met, then allows the app
    to segue to some other game.

    def __init__(self):
        super(Quiz, self).__init__()
        self.hint = ''
        self.font = App.resource('epkgobld.ttf', 84)
        self.zones = { }

    def make_zone(self, name, image, place):
        '''Most zones are just a static image, or None.'''
        if image:
            image = App.resource(image)
        zone = Zone(name, image, size=0.75)
        zone.follow(self) = place
        self.zones[name] = zone
        return zone

    def nearest_drop(self, thing, where):
        nearest = self.nearest_zone(where, test=None)
        if nearest:
            if nearest[0].is_style('trading'):
                # if dropping on a full zone that supports trading, move that
                # full zone's stuff onto the nearest empty trading zone instead
                stuff = nearest[0].followers()
                if stuff:
                    test = lambda z: not z.followers() and z.is_style('trading')
                    another = self.nearest_zone(where, test=test)
                    if another:
                        for thing in reversed(stuff):
                # just find a plain old empty zone instead of this full one
                test=lambda z: not z.followers()
                nearest = self.nearest_zone(where, test=test)
        if nearest:
            return nearest
        return super(Quiz, self).nearest_drop(thing, where)

    def xnearest_drop(self, thing, where):
        nearest = self.nearest_zone(where, test=lambda z: not z.followers())
        if nearest:
            return nearest
        return super(Quiz, self).nearest_drop(thing, where)

    def segue(self):
        '''We can proceed if the guilty card is idle on the guilty zone.'''
        if not 'guilty' in self.zones:
            return self
        guilty = self.zones['guilty']
        cards = guilty.followers()
        if not cards:
            return self
        if not cards[0].is_style('guilty'):
            return self
        if not cards[0].is_style('complete'):
        if not cards[0].is_idle():
            return self
        return None

    def make_card(self, front, back=None, size=0.75):
        if not back:
            back = front
        card = Card( (front, back), font=self.font, size=size )
        return card

    def make_tile(self, front, back=None, size=0.75):
        if not back:
            back = front
        tile = Ingot( (front, back), font=self.font, size=size )
        return tile


class IntroQuiz (Quiz):

    '''The very first quiz that starts the game.

    This requires the user to figure out the visual scheme used in all
    of the early quizzes:  drag a card to the right target zone.

    Once this quiz is accomplished, it's never seen again.

    def __init__(self):
        super(IntroQuiz, self).__init__()
        x = random.choice( [ -150, 150 ] )
        home = self.make_zone('home',
                               V(360, 150, 0))
        wrong = self.make_zone('wrong',
                               V(360+x, 220, 0))
        right = self.make_zone('guilty',
                               V(360-x, 220, 0))
        self.card = self.make_card(u'\u3007') # maru


class FlybyQuiz (Quiz):

    '''A card flies by, while a floating text string explains.'''

    def __init__(self, roma, explanation):
        super(FlybyQuiz, self).__init__()
        card = self.make_card(roma, kana(roma), size=1)
        card.follow(self) = V(-50, 175, 4)
        for x in range(5):
            card.move(V(85, 0, 0), relative=True, dt=0.7)
        card.wait(dt=2, todo=lambda g,c=card: c.dazzle())
        self.card = card # any of them
        self.explanation = card.font.render(explanation, 1, (0x00,0x00,0x00))

    def segue(self):
        for card in self.joins:
            if not card.is_idle():
                return self
        return None

class LineupQuiz (Quiz):

    '''Five cards arranged in a police line-up.  One card is a rogue.'''

    def __init__(self, lineup, rogues):
        super(LineupQuiz, self).__init__()
        self.hint = 'Which one does not belong?'
        # self.lineup gets card names, not cards
        self.rogue = random.choice(rogues)
        self.lineup = [ self.rogue ] + random.sample(lineup, 4)
        y = random.choice( [ -100, 100 ] )
        for i in range(len(self.lineup)):
            zone = self.make_zone('suspect%d' % i,
                                  V(100+130*i, 200-y, 0))
            card = self.make_card(kana(self.lineup[i]))
            if self.lineup[i] == self.rogue:
        i = random.choice(range(1, 5))
        self.make_zone('guilty', 'zone-red-x.png', V(100+130*i, 200+y, 0))

class MugshotQuiz (LineupQuiz):

    '''Just like LineupQuiz, except we see romaji for the desired kana.'''

    def __init__(self, lineup):
        lineup = list(lineup)
        rogue = lineup.pop()
        super(MugshotQuiz, self).__init__(lineup, (rogue,))
        self.hint = 'Which one looks right?'
        mugshot = self.make_tile(pretty(rogue))
        place = self.zones['guilty'].place
        self.zones['guilty'].set_image('zone-green-o.png', size=0.75)
        mugshot.set_style('draggable', False)
        mugshot.move(place + V(-130, 0, 0))

class OrderingQuiz (Quiz):

    '''A number of scrambled cards on a row of zones.  Reorder to pass.'''

    def __init__(self, lineup):
        super(OrderingQuiz, self).__init__()
        self.hint = 'Put these into the right order!'
        # self.lineup gets card names, not cards
        self.dazzled = False
        self.lineup = list(lineup)
        if len(lineup) < 2:
            raise ValueError, 'cannot matchup one item or less'
        if len(lineup) > 10:
            raise ValueError, 'cannot matchup more than ten items'
        self.mixup = list(lineup[:])
        while self.mixup == self.lineup:
        self.flip = y = random.choice( [ -100, 100 ] )
        self.matching = [ ]
        for i in range(len(self.lineup)):
            if i == 5: y = -y
            zone = self.make_zone('suspect%d' % i,
                                  V(100+130*(i % 5), 200-y, 0))
            card = self.make_card(kana(self.mixup[i]))
   = self.mixup[i]

    def segue(self):
        i = 0
        for zone in self.matching:
            cards = zone.followers()
            if not cards:
                return self
            card = cards[0]
            if != self.lineup[i]:
                return self
            if not card.is_idle():
                return self
            i += 1
        if not self.dazzled:
            self.dazzled = True
            i = 0
            for zone in self.matching:
                cards = zone.followers()
                card = cards[0]
                card.wait(dt=0.1*i,todo=lambda g,c=card: c.dazzle())
                i += 1
            return self
        return None

class MatchupQuiz (OrderingQuiz):

    '''Up to five cards to reorder, showing desired order with flipped cards.'''

    def __init__(self, lineup):
        super(MatchupQuiz, self).__init__(lineup)
        self.hint = 'Put these into the same order!'
        if len(lineup) > 5:
            raise ValueError, 'cannot matchup more than five'
        y = self.flip
        for i in range(len(self.lineup)):
            tile = self.make_tile(self.lineup[i])
            tile.set_style('draggable', False)
   = V(100+130*i, 200+y, 0)

_figures = { }

class SketchQuiz (Quiz):

    '''Draw the kana on a clingpad sketching board.'''

    def __init__(self, lineup):
        self.passed = False
        lineup = list(lineup)
        self.rogue = lineup.pop()
        super(SketchQuiz, self).__init__()
        self.mugshot = self.make_card(pretty(self.rogue))
        self.mugshot.set_style('draggable', False)
        self.mugshot.move(V(180, 200, 0))
        font = App.resource('epkgobld.ttf', 300)
        guide = font.render(kana(self.rogue), 1, (0x00,0x80,0x00))
        alpha = surfarray.pixels_alpha(guide)
        alpha /= Numeric.array(8).astype(Numeric.UInt8)
        self.clingpad = ClingPad(guide=guide)
        self.clingpad.set_style('draggable', False)
        self.clingpad.move(V(450, 200, 0))

    def event(self, event):
        super(SketchQuiz, self).event(event)
        if event.type == KEYDOWN:
            if event.key in [ K_KP_ENTER, K_RETURN ]:
                self.passed = True
            if event.key == K_F4:
                figure = self.clingpad.figure
                print str(figure)
                if not self.rogue in _figures:
                    _figures[self.rogue] = [ ]

    def segue(self):
        if self.passed:
            if self.clingpad.is_idle():
                if self.mugshot.is_idle():
                    return None
        return self


def _TestQ1():
    return MugshotQuiz(('ka','ki','ku','ke','ko'))

def _TestQ2():
    return LineupQuiz(('ka','ki','ku','ke','ko'), ('ta','chi','tsu','te','to'))

def _TestQ3():
    return SketchQuiz( (romaji.choice(family='hiragana'), ) )

def _TestQ4():
    return MatchupQuiz( ('ka', 'ki', 'ku', 'ke', 'ko') )

if __name__ == '__main__':
    app = App('Quiz Demos', (720, 420))
    Piece._shadows = True
    app.graph = { 'MugshotQuiz': _TestQ3,
                  'SketchQuiz': _TestQ2,
                  'LineupQuiz': _TestQ1,
                  'MatchupQuiz': _TestQ4,
                  } = _TestQ4( )

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